Why Learning Gaming Can Actually Improve Your Health Condition!

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There’s an epidemic spreading across the world. It’s called gaming addiction and it is a real thing. Many people have been playing games for most of their lives and finding that day-to-day activities are being neglected due to time spent on games. Serious gaming victoria cheating is a new trend among the children of today. With this information in mind, we decided to create a blog post detailing why learning gaming can actually improve your health condition! 

Gaming has many health benefits such as making you more intelligent, improving mental focus and memory retention, increasing physical coordination, enhances problem solving skills, and may even lower the risk factors associated with mental disorders like anxiety, ADHD , depression , and autism .

Reasons Why Learning Gaming Can Actually Improve Your Health Condition :

1. Gaming improves IQ!

A study performed by Emma Williams from Cambridge University, discovered that people who play more video games have a higher IQ than their peers. The researchers of the study found that the participants who showed a huge increase in IQ were those who spent many hours playing video games. 

This is because those with higher IQs tend to spend more time pursuing their hobbies and interests. In addition, gamers have shown to outperform non-gamers in tests for spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, attention, and problem solving. The high amount of concentration required for gamers helps train their brain to become more powerful and proficient at these tasks.

2. Gaming improves memory and focus.

A study performed by Brock University, in Ontario, Canada, discovered that avid video game players showed an increase in the hippocampus part of the brain which is associated with learning and memory. This is because the brain of a video gamer is constantly being trained to remember certain aspects of a game such as background textures and images. As the brain learns these aspects to make it easier for you to complete a task in a game, it also trains your mind to make your working memory more efficient at remembering more complicated information that can aid you in day-to-day tasks.

3. Gaming prevents mental disorders.

Researchers have found that playing video games can lower the risk of developing depression and anxiety in teenagers. This is because the lifestyle of a gamer is very similar to that of a lab rat. The constant environment and repetition of tasks also helps create a new neural pathway in the brain by strengthening synaptic bonds between neurons.

4. Gaming improves mental focus and overall brain function.

Dr Lee Berk from New York University discovered that intensive video game players have increased activity in the frontal lobes which are associated with determining career success, decision making, and overall intelligence amongst other skills. The frontal lobes are often used to think either consciously or subconsciously when you are playing games and this is why gamers have superior intelligence.

5. Gaming is an effective stress reliever.

A study performed by the University of Michigan investigated the effect of video gaming on levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. The team was able to find a link between excessive gaming and lower cortisol levels in individuals who played video games for many hours a day, compared to non-gamers who only game for half an hour each day.

6. Gaming can improve emotional wellbeing.

A study performed by the University of Manitoba, Canada, discovered that playing video games can help lower the levels of stress hormones on a regular basis such as cortisol especially if you play games with a partner and engage in other activities as well as your favorite game. Additionally, a study performed by the University of California San Diego in 2012 discovered that excessive video gaming is associated with depression and anxiety because it has been linked with poor social skills and poor attention span among many other maladies.

7. Gaming can decrease pain, especially in your hands.

It’s no secret that having repetitive motions such as typing or rowing can cause stress, discomfort, and nerve pain. A study by the University of Utah in 2011 discovered that a group of people who had to do excessive typing tasks showed an increase in the level of cortisol which is associated with inflammation and cardiovascular problems. 

However, a group of men who played high-intensity video games for just one hour a day showed a lower level of cortisol compared to non-gamers. This suggests that excessive gaming is actually a good remedy for reducing chronic pain and inflammation caused by poor posture or repetitive motions!

8. Gaming allows you to have better social skills and conversations.

A study performed at the University of Rochester discovered that people who play video games for long periods of time scored higher during tests involving problem-solving skills and memory. This is because video gamers have to remember what weapons, items, and tools they need to use to solve a problem or achieve a goal in the game and should they forget they will fail. 


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