The Millionaire Guide On Streaming To Help You Get Rich


As streaming video, music and social media are overtaking the internet, it is becoming more and more difficult to be wealthy. It’s not impossible though! Even old-fashioned millionaires like Warren Buffett have seen the value in investing in technology. He has said that he would bet on (Netflix) “very, very highly” if he was given the chance. Wgaming vox machina is a similar investment that has proven to have huge potential.

Streaming is a process of matching content with users based on their interests, geography and more. It is a very powerful technology because the moment you stream something, you are immediately granted access to it. You do not need to search for it, wait for it or install it! 

The technology behind streaming is getting better and better every day. In fact, streaming technology is so good now that live broadcasting events can be watched on demand at any time! This puts Facebook and Twitter in a difficult position because they have no live videos (which have been proven to increase traffic), no movies (which are notoriously expensive), no television shows (which are already on several different sites).

The Millionaire Guide On Streaming To Help You Get Rich :


Netflix is a great example of how streaming can help you make money. Netflix is the number one website to stream TV shows and movies on the internet for free. It was launched in 1997 as a video rental company, but it soon entered the streaming video market in 2007. The company has been hugely successful; it now has over 65 million subscribers around the world and it recently surpassed HBO’s cable network by revenue. 

The reason why Netflix has been so successful is because it constantly monitors users’ preferences and learns what they like to watch. Once the company has gathered enough data, it creates original content and starts uploading it, thus completely eliminating the need to pay for cable.


Xbox is an interactive gaming platform that was launched in 2001 by Microsoft. The company’s owner Bill Gates is a huge fan of video games and he was determined to create an affordable gaming console that could be used by everyone.

The Xbox became a huge success after its launch and Microsoft boasts about it being “the best place for gamers” on the internet. As you can see from the name, the platform is designed primarily for video games but several additional apps will be available soon.


One of Amazon’s best known products is its e-book reader Kindle. The company has gone far beyond its roots in retail, however. The founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has recently bought a live streaming site Twitch, gaining him even more influence in the industry. 

That’s right – you guys already know that Amazon has altered the world of internet streaming because it owns Netflix and now, Twitch. This company also launched Twitch Prime – a service aimed at gamers and creators alike who wants to receive free in-game loot every month and more exclusive content via daily Twitch broadcasts.


When founder Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook back in 2004, he intended to create a platform that would allow college students to connect with like-minded people around the world. Despite (or perhaps because of) the social frustration atmosphere at Harvard at the time, he was able to attract 1,200 students and build a massive community. Facebook grew very quickly and it soon became one of the leading social networks in the world – but only following a very long period of development. 

Today, it has almost 1.55 billion users around the world. Most importantly, it is a successful business because it owns the social media giant Instagram and the streaming site, WhatsApp (which is used by 55 million people worldwide).


Instagram is a social media giant whose users are estimated at over 400 million people worldwide. The service was launched by Kevin Systrom in 2010 and it quickly became one of the most popular and influential social media networks on the internet. While there are many Instagram accounts that are made solely for promotion or just to show off their lifestyle, they usually fall into two categories: those who want to reach a wider audience (influencers), and those who want to connect with their friends (private accounts).


Hulu is one of the few streaming services that have made a profit right from their launch. Hulu was launched by former television executive Jason Kilar and it quickly became one of the most popular video rental sites on the web. The service offers TV shows and movies for free to all users, but you can also subscribe to “Hulu Plus” (which is similar to Netflix) in order to access more content than you would otherwise be able to see.


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