8 Places To Get Deals On Gaming Coins

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If you’re into gaming, it’s likely that you’ll need to purchase some coins like 1841 to 1845 john tyler coin worth at some point to buy things within a game. This post is about 8 places where you can get a good deal on coins for games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and more.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find all of your electronics and games, but they also sell some items like Amazon Coins at good price points. The coins you’ll need for the games in this post will usually be about 10 cents at the most, but if you need more coins for your game, then I recommend looking here first.

All of the games below have a minimum purchase of $5 USD. If you missed that point in this guide, simply request 5 dollars so that you can buy everything from Amazon.

Regular Price: 50 G’s (Worth ~8 dollars) 

Discounted Price: 20 G’s (Worth ~4 dollars)

2. Steam

Steam is where I buy pretty much all of my games, so you’ll find most of the games that this guide is about here for cheap coins. The only exception is Minecraft, and it’s kind of a pain to get more than 10-20 coins with this method.

Many games have cheaper deals if you purchase them on sale or give them as a gift to someone else. This can be done by going to the steam market where you can check out what each game costs, but there’s a better way of finding that information and it doesn’t cost anything.

All you need to do to find out other games that are on sale is to go to the Steam group “Watching Steam Sales”. Pay attention to the pinned message at the top and you can keep track of all of the sales that are coming up. Some games will have a “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” sale or something similar. This can be a great way to get extra coins for free.

Regular Price: Varies (Worth ~4 dollars)

Discounted Price: Varies (Worth ~2 dollars)

3. Epic Games Store

You probably know about Epic Games by now, but if not, they’re home to one of the most popular online games in 2018 called Fortnite . Epic recently decided to start their own digital game store, and while it doesn’t have as many sales like Steam does, they do have some great offers.

4. Twitch

Twitch is a site where gamers can stream themselves playing games to an audience of people who might want to watch them. If you like watching people play, then this is a great opportunity for you to save some money on your favorite games. 

Many of the streamers on Twitch will have affiliate codes that you can use with your Amazon Prime account to get coins back when buying things from Amazon. Some popular YouTubers such as PewDiePie also do giveaways from time to time if you’re lucky and subscribe early enough before the giveaway ends. Regular Price: Either 5 dollars or 10 dollars depending on the game

Discounted Price: Varies (Worth ~2 dollars)

5. Xbox Games Store

The Xbox Games store is home to many games and all of the games listed in this guide. The only exception to this rule is Minecraft, so if you want more than 10 coins for that game, then look no further. If you don’t have an Xbox, don’t worry, because there are some very cheap bundles on Amazon that you can buy. 

Regular Price: 15 dollars

Discounted Price: 10 dollars

6. Playstation Store

The Playstation store isn’t as big as the other stores on this list, but they have a few gems such as Fortnite and Minecraft. Be sure to check out their games if you’re planning on buying one of them in the near future. 

Regular Price: 5 dollars or 10 dollars depending on the game. 

Discounted Price: Varies (Worth ~2 dollars) 

7. Amazon Coins

The last method is to buy some Amazon coins. This is a great way to get $5 USD for free if you didn’t already buy something from Amazon. Simply go to the link below, request some coins, and use them for any of the above games or whatever you want!

Regular Price: 100 G’s (Worth ~8 dollars) 

Discounted Price: 50 G’s (Worth ~4 dollars)

8. Patreon

If you love playing YouTube games such as Minecraft and Fortnite, then I have one final thing that might interest you. It’s called Patreon, and it’s a website that allows you to donate to your favorite creators on YouTube. Many of my favorite YouTubers such as DanTDM and Game Grumps use this site, so if you want to support them, then check out the widget below.

I know this might be a little confusing at first, but after playing a few games, you’ll get the gist of things. As a heads up though, many games have better deals or promotions if you pay attention online or on Twitch. I recommend checking out Watching Steam Sales on Steam or just follow channels like Mineplex to keep track of what’s going on with the game you play most often.


So there you have it, 8 places to get a good deal on coins for Fortnite, Minecraft, GTA V, and more. You should now know where you can get a decent amount of coins for free. For the most part though, this is the only place I buy my coins from since it’s on Amazon and they’re cheapest. I hope this guide was helpful to you! Enjoy your new game purchases!


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