The Millionaire Guide On Miqo’te Names To Help You Get Rich In The Game


Let’s get right down to it: your character needs a name. Maybe she was born as Lissette, but her quest for a more distinguished moniker has led her to change her name to Lisset and then to Luna. Maybe you’ve already got the perfect title for your main character, but want some help coming up with good titles for the other members of the party. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you need a clever or humorous name that will last (and not offend) in an MMORPG, I’ve got your back covered in this article. FF14 miqo’te names are help you get rich in the game.  I’ll explain what I mean by that shortly, but first I need to cover some ground.

Without an interesting name, many players will choose to make their character’s name the same as their character’s class. A warrior with a warrior name is simply a matter of picking from those available to him. If he can’t find one he likes, he can always choose a prefix and suffix from the list that was originally intended for naming classes and assign them manually. The next time you make a new character, let’s be sure that you have a full array of creative names ready to go so you don’t have to worry about making do with the default list. That’s six names per race, giving you 18 new options to consider for your next character. In addition, the process of coming up with these names is going to give you some new ideas on how to come up with your own. Going alphabetically by race, let’s take a look at the available names before talking about other options that may help you get rich in FF14.

The Millionaire Guide On Miqo’te Names To Help You Get Rich In The Game :

1. Ailur (Elidibri)

The title of this article is “The Millionaire Guide On Miqo’te Names To Help You Get Rich In The Game”, so it’s only fitting that the first name we take a look at should be Ailur. Ailur sounds like a high level mage, right? Well, it is in fact an incredibly common name for mages, which means that Ailur could almost be considered overdone. But its high frequency of usage lends it a certain degree of familiarity and predictability. If you need to pick an uncommon name for your mage characters, consider adopting this one into your repertoire as well.

2. Aja

Aja is the name of the first miqo’te to be created by a player in the game, although not the first one in history. However, Aja was not just a miqo’te but also the goddess of creativity and inspiration. Aja is also a common name for females, which means that if you’re running an epic mage party it may be worth looking through your character list to see if any players have already chosen this name for their main character.

3. Almandite

The next name on our list is Almandite, which certainly sounds like something that belongs to an alchemist instead of a miqo’te. But this isn’t just any old alchemist, it’s an elvaan alchemist. Almandite is in fact the name of a rare mineral, which means that anyone who sees your character name will immediately understand that you’re a serious player who knows how to get rich in the game.

4. Althyk

If you thought Ailur sounded like a mage name, how about Althyk? It’s almost identical in spelling to Ailur and sounds like it should be pronounced the same way as well. If you need a mage name for your next character, consider adopting this one so people will know when they see your character that you know how to get rich in the game.

5. Amajina

There are several names that are associated with mining: Almandite, Rubite, Meteoric Iron and Meteorite. A character named Amajina might be a miner at first glance, but her name means “princess” in the language of the elvaan. Players who like to make their main characters royalty may want to name them after the princess of Tycoon in order to add some depth to their backstory. Think about it: you’re already an adventurer, what’s a few decades of royalty in comparison?

6. Andur

Andur is the name for the miqo’te race in the mythology of Vana’diel. This means that you may have other characters in your party who are named Andur, which could be a slightly amusing side effect of naming your character after a popular miqo’te. Andur is also a fairly common name for females, which means you’ve got enough options to pick from as far as race names go already. Don’t overlook Andur just because it’s out there already; there’s nothing to stop you from picking it if it looks like a good fit for your character.

7. Aspen

The last name on our list is Aspen, which appears to be a fairly common name for males and females. This means that your character might be able to have some success with this name without leaning too far into obscurity. This is also a fairly common surname for males, which means that it could almost be considered overdone just like Ailur or Althyk in their own ways. You’ve got several options that you can use before you reach the point of exhaustion where there’s nothing left to choose from.


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