Seven Top Risks Of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Map

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Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is the only tech lab map that allows you to get the most out of your research with its high volume of Field Research and expeditions. Akala is also the safest map, not including Frostspire, which means you can rest easy without worrying about a raid coming in and destroying all your hard work. Akkala ancient tech lab map is one of the few maps that makes you feel like you’re floating in mid air, with the land around you covered in water, with a central island. If you find yourself stuck on this map and unable to research any further into your tech tree, there are many reasons why this could be happening.

As always here I’ll be providing possible solutions for all the problems you might face and tips for each section of the Akala Tech Map. However, Akala does run some risks that other maps don’t. Here are 7 top risks for this map.

Seven Top Risks Of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Map :

1. Number of Field Research:

The main reason why many people fail to establish a relatively stable Tech Lab on the Akala is the abundance of Field Research. There are 5 field laboratory sites dotting the map and all of them provide an equal amount of research points per day. If you don’t have multiple people working on it, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with research. The researchers will also change their location after a certain number of days so if you leave too early, you won’t be around to get a second batch for that day. 

2. Expeditions:

With the 3 expeditions on each side of the map, it’s easy to lose your footing. Once you’ve started a research cycle, it can be hard to complete with another team coming in. If you see a lot of your colleagues activating their expeditions, there’s a high chance he’s just trying to get ahead or has some sort of cash goal. If you see that they are changing their location frequently, there shouldn’t be any research going on and they’re just collecting resources and completing quests. There’s also a high chance of being invaded if you’re just standing around on the island. 

You won’t have any other players around except for your expedition members, so any players who are looking for a fight might try and find you. If they take out 3/5 members and then go back to the mainland, they’ll need a few more people to take down the remaining 2/3 players left on the expedition. This gives them ample time to grow their force and build strength for another invasion attempt.

3. Research Difficulty:

The difficulty for Akala Tech Lab is also very high but anyone can do it if they have the strength to grind through all 5 sites along with all the research. If you’re unable to perform enough research, it’s hard to master the Akala Tech Lab. Even if you have someone who excels in research, the time it takes for you to complete things is too long compared to the time your teammate has. If there’s a lot of Field Research being performed by a team, they might be able to complete their research faster than you if they can switch locations quickly.

4. Ancient Amber:

There’s a low chance of acquiring Ancient Amber on this map but it’s one of the keys to advancing in tech and other valuable materials. If you want to do a sizable amount of research, you’ll need to complete every single Ancient Amber quest. You can also rely on expeditions but they take a very long time and it might not give you enough amber if your team isn’t getting good rewards. Another way is just to be an active player and drop by the island where the quest is located every few days or so.

5. Queen’s Pavilion:

Queen’s Pavilion is a very dangerous area to be in due to the amount of shark beasts that can spawn. If you get caught in the Queen’s Pavilion, the sharks will tear you apart instantly and you’ll be unable to do anything about it. The best way to avoid these dangerous beasts is by keeping yourself hidden at all times. If your team doesn’t have adequate gear, there are a lot of other dangerous beasts that can come from the water so it’s always better to try and reach safety before they get to you.

6. Stronghold:

The Stronghold is an interesting area but it’s currently very overpowered. If you’re in a team that has no space in the depot, there’s a high chance that they’ll stop researching and focus on patrols. This means they’ll wait out their “checkpoint” until the coast is clear and then come back. If you have 5 players with outposts, it can mean that up to 10 others will wait for them to finish their research so it becomes very difficult for any other team to make progress on its lab. 

7. Impact Zone:

Impact Zone has a high amount of research being performed but it’s very hard to complete because of the area. You’d have to do a lot of research and also battle in the Impact Zone against other teams. If you see other players doing field research or expeditions, they’ll probably be in this location as well so it’s very important that you have teammates working on their labs.


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