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The Nuclear Throne Weapons are an assortment of weapons found in the game Nuclear Throne. 

You’ll find them all in the nuclear throne gun menu/Cargo. Note, since most weapons can spawn with green, red, blue or purple rarity this list is only including the list of green-rarity weapons. 

It’s impossible to get the Super Hot Watch in any other colour than green, and it’s also impossible to get the Machete and Machete (It Came From Space and It Came From Space Again) in green.

Here are some points discussed about amazing nuclear throne weapon tier list

1. Green rarities. 

By looking at this amazing nuclear throne weapon list you’ll come to know how important green weapons are for the game. 

The green weapons are the most popular weapons . The reason for this is that they have unique effects, both unique and unique from all other weapons in the game. 

The best example of a weapon that will only spawn one time only in the green rarity is a weapon called “The Anger”. It’s a laser beam with a little zoom effect next to it so don’t shoot too close or you’ll still get hurt by it. It’s an amazing weapon for killing bosses like Jack or Bob (The Destroyer).

2. Red rarities. 

There are some weapons that can be found in both red and green, like the syringe. If you find red, you’re lucky enough to get a blue one too. 

Some weapons can spawn in both red and blue rarities, like the machine gun (It Came From Space and It Came From Space Again). 

Sometimes there is a “Red” version of a weapon and after getting it in Green or Red you’ll get a “Blue” version of the weapon. 

The yellow colour for this weapon does not exist. The same goes for the Blue rarity machine gun, it spawns with different names but they do not have any other effect than the regular ones do.

3. Blue rarities. 

There are some weapons that are only blue. Some of these are strange but they make your game more interesting, like the SuperHot Watch. It can be found only in the Blue rarity, not the regular ones. 

The best example of a weapon that can only be found in blue is a weapon called “Guns Of Icarus”. It’s a rocket launcher that fires at certain parts of bosses and also has an infinite ammo capacity.

4. Purple rarities. 

There are a couple of weapons you can find in purple, but most of them have a red, green or blue version . The purple rarity is the simplest of them all. 

They have no additional effects that can be found on the other rarities, just a higher damage output and an increased clip size. 

Some of the most useful weapons in this rarity can be obtained from Bob (The Destroyer), one of them being “Guns Of Icarus”. This weapon has been discussed above. 

There is also another weapon that’s pretty much useless, called “Hammer”. It’s useless because it only has an increased damage output and no special effects at all .

5. High Power Rockets. 

The high power rockets can be found in the green and red rarities. The problem is, they only spawn in the red rarity. But they have a higher damage output and a faster reload speed than the normal rockets do .

6. Streamline Weapons . 

Any of them can be found in green, red or blue rarities. The Streamline weapons are some of the best weapons in this game because they contain a very rare item called “Cigarettes”. 

If you land a headshot while holding one of these weapons, you will get 1 Cigarette from it. If you hit something with it you will get 2 Cigarettes. So, these weapons are very useful because they contain “Cigarettes”.

A good example of a Streamline weapon is the Shotgun (Of The Ancients). It can be obtained in Green, Red, Blue and Purple rarities. Some of the most famous weapons in this category are the Machine Gun (It Came From Space and It Came From Space Again) or “The Anger”.

7. No-Change Weapons . 

All the weapons seen on the amazing nuclear throne weapon list can be found in all colors . One of these is called “Sweeper” , which is a one-hit-kill melee weapon . 

There are some other weapons that are not listed on this list but they are seen in the game . These weapons have already been mentioned briefly in the article above. 

There are also some weapons that have a bigger damage output than the ones mentioned on this list, but their main purpose is to interact with other things in the game.


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