Lissandra’s spell book

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alexey savchenko k4Akpt5 Sfk unsplash

All mages have a certain arsenal of spells at their disposal, but few are as deadly as those Lissandra wields. This is because her power comes from ice magic, which shapes around her to create a chilling zone of absolute zero temperatures. 

Not only does this make lissandra ult cleanse difficult to approach, it also allows her to snare enemies with frozen terrain before crushing them with shards of ice. 

With these skills at your disposal too you’ll be able to know the witcheries that she knows and do anything you set your mind to! Research them here!

Here are some points discussed about Lissandra’s spell book-

1. Role

Lissandra’s role as a mid laner is due to the regularity of the meta as of now. she does, however, have a lot of potential as a top laner or support due to her strong utility abilities.

2. Abilities

Controlling where her spells go has always been a strength for Lissandra. 

Her first ability, Glacial Path, allows her to choose where she wants people to be on the map and control the fights around them with no effort on her part. 

Whether it be snaring an enemy for an easy kill or escaping from enemies using the terrain it is a very strong move that can not only save your life but also change the tide of any battle.

Her second ability Ice Shard is an excellent tool for harassing early game. Not only can you harass with it, you can also use it to recall, go back to lane and last hit. 

Since the cooldown scales down with level, this is a great spell to spam before fights or when chasing enemies down.

3. Itemisation

Lissandra’s cooldowns are at their lowest when she has Rod of Ages. 

This item will help her with her mana issues as well as give her some health and AP which helps out with the damage on Glacial Path and her ultimate Ring of frost. 

She is also very strong mid game if she is allowed to spam Ice Shard for offensive purposes or Glacial Path for utility purposes.

The next item for Lissandra should be either Liandry’s Torment or Zhonya’s Hourglass.

Liandry’s Torment gives her more AP to deal with enemies and helps her survive longer so she can do more damage. 

The ability power also allows for more casts of Ring of Frost or Glacial Path to affect enemies. This item is better than Zhonya’s Hourglass mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t just give you 100 armor, it also gives you 5% bonus damage per second on an enemy impaired by your abilities. This gives you an incredible amount of power in team fights.

4. Teamwork

Since Lissandra is a support, you need to make sure that your team understands how to play around her abilities. 

Make sure all of your allies know not to try and run through Glacial Path and just sit still and build up the skill. 

Also, if you use Ice Shard around an ally don’t be surprised when they try to brush off the damage with their own damage only to find that only your ability hurt them and not theirs.

5. Fiddlesticks

Lissandra’s favorite champion is Fiddlesticks. She plays him to relax and practice with her spells. Fiddlesticks has the most terrifying ultimate in the game and Lissandra loves to terrify people with it. 

The scarecrow is even more terrifying when he is playing with a mage that can slow, snare and finish enemies off.

Fiddle’s ultimate, Dark Wind, allows him to create up to three shadows which deal damage. However, this is not what he uses it for. Many players use this spell to initiate fights or just initiate on the enemy mid laner without being seen. However, Lissandra can also use it to slow enemies down before she casts Glacial Path on them if they are trying to defend against it.

Lissandra doesn’t like the situation where the opponent has control of Fiddlesticks (not that she can do much about it). 

She may come up with creative tactics for dealing with the mummy but thankfully there are plenty of options for her because Fiddle’s kit is incredibly versatile.

6. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is Lissandra’s favorite melee champion. He has a lot of ways to stay alive and deal damage.His abilities all allow him to move around the map very quickly or protect himself, allowing him to harass or take objectives very easily. Lissandra loves his abilities but hates how hard he is to play.

Lissandra enjoys playing with Mordekaiser because his passive shield allows her enough health for her Glacial Path without having to waste mana on ice blast or any other ability that she does not want to use at the time.

Her main ability, Ring of Frost, turns into a dragon tail that knocks away enemies if they are caught in it.


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