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Mordekaiser is a melee fighter who uses his abilities to be the best fighter on the battlefield. He can also shield himself with Iron Skin, giving him higher Health and shielding him from damage. 

His ultimate, Creeping Death, surrounds himself in a cloud of metal that damages enemies and can be used during his other abilities to deal additional damage. 

With the recent changes to Mordekaiser, however, Creeping Death can no longer benefit from his passive. This could be a problem for this champion.

Let me know, can you cleanse mordekaiser ult?

Here are some points discussed about mordekaiser league of legends-

1. Iron Man

This makes him stronger the lower his Health is and grants him a shield for a few spells of damage. 

This ability is good for when you go up against an AD champion, whose abilities do ability based damage, but can also be used during your other abilities to deal extra damage to your opponents. 

However, with the recent patch for this champion, it just gives you another spell of healing that can be activated by using Q or E. 

The shield granted from this ability stays the same, but he gains no extra bonuses from it anymore.

2. Mace of Spades

He spins his mace in a wide arc in front of him dealing damage to all enemies hit by it. This ability is good for when you are just starting out in the game. 

You can use this to farm minions when they are in large groups and also when they are close to an opponent champion so they get damaged when you hit them with the mace. 

The one problem with this ability is that it deals only 50% AD damage, which means AD champions will do less damage hitting them with this ability than those who use AP as their main type of damage, such as Annie or Morgana. When you use this ability, try not to hit enemy champions with the mace.

3. Mace of Disruption

He Hurls his mace at a high velocity at an opponent that deals damage and knocks them up into the air. 

This ability is used when you are fighting against an enemy champion who stays close to their allies. 

If they are staying close, then this ability will do massive damage, but if they are on your side of the field or not on your side of the field, then it will do almost no damage to them at all.

5. Creeping Death

He surrounds himself in a cloud of metal that damages enemies and can be used during his other abilities to deal additional damage. 

This ability is what makes Mordekaiser a great champion, but with the recent changes to this ability, it just makes him a bit ordinary. 

The damage from before was increased by 30%, which was good for dealing extra damage to opponents. However, with how much of a nerf it got, after using this ability, Mordekaiser gains 15% armor and magic resist, rather than having 20% armor and magic resist when he is in the cloud of metal. 

6. Siphon of Destruction

He slams his mace into the ground dealing damage to all units around him, including champions. 

This ability is also one of Mordekaiser’s greatest abilities, but with how weak it is now, it just doesn’t seem to be as good as it used to be. 

This ability used to deal more damage than his Mace of Spades but now deals less damage than his Creeping Death. The reason for this is because of the recent changes to Mordekaiser’s Creeping Death, where he gains 15% armor and magic resist when in its cloud instead of 20%.

7. Children of the Grave

He enslaves someone if they are near death (below 15% health) and heals them for a short time. If the opponent dies while enslaved, then Mordekaiser gains full life and gets some more ability power. 

This ability is very good when you need to get that little bit of extra damage on an enemy champion to get that kill. It is also good for when you are low on health and need to get some more healing. 

The damage this ability does is not really that impressive, but the added healing can be useful, especially when you are in the middle of a team fight and need to stay alive.

8. Ruthless Predator

This ability makes him stealthy for a few seconds in which he gains bonus movement speed. 

This ability is good because it gives him extra mobility in team fights when he uses it, but when you use it when running away from an enemy champion who is chasing you, then the enemy champion will still be able to see you while you are using this ability because of how stealthy you become.


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