5 Bizarre Tree of Savior Public Builds Facts You Need to Know.

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What is the tree of savior public builds?

Tree of savior public builds is a new leveling method of the game tree a.s.o.u.l started by the players and is used to gain levels faster than in classic grinding methods (1-2 hours of playing). a s.o.u.l player can use it to quickly level up and get the ever-popular Excalibur weapons at level 50. However, it has some disadvantages as well (which are also mostly caused by the players themselves). This guide aims at explaining what a public build is and how it is made in order to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of players in all-immortals guilds as well as describe how they should play according to their roles, namely a tank, a healer, a dpser and a Mage so that they can gain the most EXP (experience points).

How does it work?

It works by using your own characters and the levels of various classes you want to play as a means of gaining XP in other classes. This can also be used to get bonus EXP on a class you want to level up fast, or even get bonus XP on a class you don’t care about leveling (but is nice to have while leveling other classes).

How to make a public build?

First of all, you need to know what classes you want to use and how many levels you want them to have. You should make your own build with the help of other players, or go see what other players have made. It is also recommended that you start your public build on the official treeofsavior forums (to avoid some mistakes).

How much faster it is than grinding?

We tested the method out and found that with 6 players around level 91, we were able to gain 200-300 levels in 1 hour. The more players the better. Usually, a party has 5 players.

What are the disadvantages?

Public builds are a very new way of playing this game and there are not many players that know about it, so finding players for your desired classes may be hard in the beginning. The biggest disadvantage is that you require other people to play with. For example, if you want to be a mage and level up your dps class at the same time, you need tanks and healers to do it with. Another disadvantage is that if you start grinding without any other players and have enough levels on all your classes to play public builds, there is no real point in playing them since grinding will get you much more EXP than public builds at higher levels.

How can I use it?

The group leader is the one who asks for help in the channel #treeofsavior public builds (TSPB). In order to do so, go to channel #TreeofSavior and type /join TSPB. You won’t see people in the channel until you type a message. When there are enough people to create a party, someone will invite you. Use your own characters and play as you are playing normally. Listen to the leader’s orders! If you need someone to join your public build party, ask on #TSPB or make a post here: http://tosbase.

What are the builds most fun to play?

The majority of players say that the best way of playing this game is leveling a Mage and tanking with that Mage, because you can get both your Mage and your tanking class faster. The builds which are most used by all-immortals guilds and were made by our very own players are: (all these builds cover from level 41-50) -A mage/healer build -A warrior/mage build -A cleric/healer build -A warrior/dpser build Here you can find some nice starter builds for the different classes: http://pastebin.

What are the benefits?

The best benefit is that you gain double EXP from killing mobs, since the exp you gain from each mob is twice as much as in a grinding party with 3 people. You also gain more gold than in a grinding party because exp and gold is split between all players equally, so if you kill 10 monsters, both tanks and dpsers get the same amount of gold. The other benefit is that your party also gains new levels faster than other methods and this way, it gets to be easier to keep up with bosses/enemies (especially so for all-immortals guilds.

Are there any drawbacks?

There are few of them and they are all caused by players: 1. If the group leader is playing a Mage, you will have to listen to him/her and trust in his/her decisions. The biggest drawback is choosing the wrong party members before starting to play public builds. For example, if you join a party as a tank and there is no one with enough dps for the boss you are currently trying to kill. In addition, if all your friends are level 100 and you start playing with them, then there will be no point in doing it because at high levels it does not give that much additional EXP from leveling up other classes anyway. 


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