The Ultimate Guide to Vitus Sommet.

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What is vitus sommet?

Vitus sommet is a type of “one-off” wine that is produced in a single year, usually from the vineyards of a single estate. It typifies the wine-making technique of “closed production” and is most often associated with Burgundy wines. This guide to vitus sommet includes what this type of wine is, where it comes from, how to drink it, and much more. Whether you are a novice or an expert in this topic, you’ll want to be sure to read through this guide before tasting your very first vitus sommet!

To begin, vitus sommet is a specific type of wine that is bottled only in one year from the same parcel of vineyards. The wines are produced in a closed system, meaning that no other juice may be added to them at any point during the year. The wines in this guide have been carefully chosen for their overall beauty and complexity, for their ability to tell an interesting story about the wine-making process, and for their ability to taste like something truly special.

Where does vitus sommet come from?

Vitus sommet typically comes from one single piece of land within a winery’s entire production area. It is often considered a premium product. For example, in the wine-making region of Burgundy, vitus sommet is usually made from the best vineyards from one single property within the region.

How does one “taste” vitus sommet?

When tasting vitus sommet, it is important to keep in mind that it is only bottled in one year. The winemakers typically use only the finest grapes grown on that particular piece of land to make their wine – this yields a more concentrated taste and experience. The wine is also typically bottled in a very small, limited number of bottles per year.

Where to buy vitus sommet?

It is possible to purchase vitus sommet from a winery, but it can be difficult to find these wines online. It is usually easier to shop for vitus sommet at local wine stores, but some wineries will ship directly to your door if you prefer this method. The following shops have carefully curated selections, and they are all highly recommended:

Aldi – this supermarket has carefully selected vitus sommet from Burgundy, including a few listed below. Sainsbury’s – this UK supermarket has a few vitus sommet wines for sale online.

How much does vitus sommet cost?

While vitus sommet is typically priced at just a little more than regular wine, it usually sells very quickly so you may want to consider buying larger amounts in bulk. There are also several special offers throughout the year that make these wines even more affordable! The average price of most of these wines ranges between £10-£15 each.

When is vitus sommet in season?

Vitus sommet is typically bottled in the best year of production, which varies depending on where the wine comes from. Furthermore, vitus sommet is typically bottled during the traditional harvest time of each region and country. Typically, wine makers set aside a small amount of juice from their best vines to make vitus sommet. Keep in mind that this does not always apply to vitus sommet made outside of Burgundy, for which the time and date for bottling may vary depending on winemaker preference.

Which vitus sommet should I try?

If you want to get an idea of what vitus sommet tastes like and is like, you’ll want to start with our suggested wine lists. These lists include both the best-known wines and some less famous varieties that are great values. This knowledge will enable you to recognize what vitus sommet is when you see it and make a well-informed choice when it’s time for a new bottle!

How about pairing vitus sommet with food?

Vitus sommet generally has a wide range of flavors due to the fact that it has been made from only one place over the course of the year. When pairing with food, it is best to match the wines with one that has similar flavor profiles.

Vitus sommet pairings:

1. French-Style Pig Roast – for this classic meal, select a higher end vitus sommet to pair with your meal. The acidity of the wine can be an effective palate cleanser between bites and the flavors of the wine will complement the heavier food without being too strong. Ideally, an aged wine will work well for this meal as it is usually better for consuming red meats like pork rather than white meats like chicken or fish. 

2. Home-Cooked Indian Food – the tartness and fruity flavor of vitus sommet is best to pair with Indian-style food. This can be a great option for vegetarian eaters who might not find many options on their plate otherwise.

3. Sushi – careful consideration should be taken when pairing vitus sommet with sushi because of the wide variety of flavors offered by this popular dish. The best options are wines that have a similar minerality to them like Sauvignon Blancs or Rieslings. Sauvignon Blanc is a particularly good choice because it also has an excellent acidic profile that pairs well with sushi as many sushi sauces are high in salt and acidity.

4. Asian-Style Spicy Foods – the floral flavor of vitus sommet paired with the spiciness of Asian food can be an excellent combination. This can be a good option for people who are not as accustomed to spicy food and don’t want to overpower their palate.

5. Tasting Notes:

The suggested wine list below includes notes about each wine’s specific taste characteristics, including the recommended food pairings, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your order!


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