Top 8 Lessons About Bigg Boss

5 bigg
5 bigg

Bigg Boss is the Indian version of Big Brother and the first season premiered way back in 2006. With 11 seasons and counting, it has seen a lot of controversy and some really great moments like bigg boss 11 29th december 2017 too. Here are our top 8 lessons from this reality show that we think every fan should know about:

1. It’s not just about being a celebrity anymore: 

One of the biggest changes from the very beginning is that now, contestants on Bigg Boss aren’t necessarily celebrities in their own right, but may have been for things like grime-singing or being part of a band. Yes, it’s still not all celebs but there are many who fall into that category too!

2. The only prize money is the amount contestants earn for winning:

That’s not to say that the amount is huge. In fact, it’s just about a lakh for those who make it to the final. This season, there was a twist in the form of an elimination task that could see Sreesanth and Deepak Thakur splitting this prize should they be in the final. However, as we all know, Sreesanth lost out on this opportunity by making some rather poor choices and ended up evicted with Antara Biswas having to leave due to illness.

3. The Bigg Boss experience can be addictive:

There have been many people who have said that they were hooked on Bigg Boss and couldn’t wait to get home and find out what had happened in the house. For instance, Anu Malik who was one of the judges on Indian Idol started watching the show to relax. However, it had been so long since he had watched an episode that at one point showed him as a guest judge for it, he was surprised!

4. Grime-singing is a talent too: 

Yes, we still don’t know who the winner is going to be but so far, Bharti Singh has really shone. For those with no idea about grime singing, basically it’s a style of music popular in the UK that uses many creative words to describe things like money or girls in a humorous way. So when TV Asmita decided to add a category called “grime-singing“, people were sure that it wouldn’t work. Well, they were wrong and the contestants absolutely killed it.

5 bigg

5. The Jury Members Are Only Guests But Can Still Get Evicted:

One of the biggest controversies in previous seasons was when Puneet Issar and Feroz Khan from season 1 got evicted despite being jury members. Apparently, Bigg Boss had to replace them with other jury members for legal reasons but once this was done, the two were dumped out of the house too! Then in season 5, Rohan Sippy was also shown being evicted even though he too was a standing member of the jury!

6. The show has had many cosmetic changes:

While the show may have started off with using a monitor, it was forced to move to a big screen when millions of viewers started logging in. However, this didn’t affect the quality of the show and instead, there were many cosmetic changes that made it look even more gorgeous! For instance, there were already some pictures on the website for this season that showed a new logo and different backgrounds for the house. The logo that replaced the original one is one of the best examples. It went from this to this and then finally to the current design we have today.

7. There Are A Lot Of Controversies:

Shilpa, Bani and Shweta have all been accused of everything from sexual misconduct to cheating on their partners to being a part of the show for the money. Puneet Issar too has been accused of sleeping with other contestants and there has also been a lot of talk about whether this is really a game or not. However, we think one of the biggest controversies would be from season 8 that involved Anup Jalota. The makers have tried to cover it up by saying that he was only acting however his actions have caused a lot of controversy!

8. This Has Been A Family Show:

When it began, the show was only shown in English however it later became a bilingual broadcast in 2008. Bigg Boss has always been a show that families have watched together and it has also been one of the top shows watched by women as well. In fact, they were ahead of their time by having an all-women house made up of non-celebrities! So there you have it, eight lessons about this reality show that we think every fan should know about!


As you can see, Bigg Boss is a lot more than just a celebrity reality show. The changes and controversies that it has had over the years have brought about issues concerning sexual misconduct, cheating and even legal issues! Despite all this, the show seems to be going from strength to strength as it enters its 11th season.


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