Take Advantage Of Ford Cars – Read These 8 Tips

6 ford
6 ford

They’re here to help. Makuloco Ford has created this blog post with 8 tips to help you maintain your car and get the most out of it. From general maintenance and upkeep, to emergency situations, each article offers a different perk for your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or some sage advice from our experts, these articles will prove invaluable as you continue on the journey of car ownership. Their team is dedicated to providing guidance every step of the way — if you want one of the team members at your disposal, contact them today!

8 tips to take advantages of ford cars are:

1. Smarter Speed Limiters

Ford’s speed management system uses an adaptive cruise control system. It is a radar-based system that monitors your speed and adjusts itself to stay within the permitted speed limit. Its goal is to preserve fuel, improve traffic flow and help with reduced traffic congestion.

The majority of Ford cars come with a set of sensors that can detect when there are slower cars behind you such as cyclists or slower moving vehicles. That way if you are driving too fast for the conditions or road ahead, the system will slow your vehicle down in anticipation of something happening ahead until the situation is resolved – preventing accidents.

2. Ford Damage Report

It’s so easy to forget to report damage after you’ve had an accident and as a result, you’ll be hit with high fees and damage payouts – this is just not fair. Thankfully Ford offers a Damage Report that allows you to record the information of your car including the make, model and your VIN number so that when you eventually get into a dispute with Ford, they can prove they were contacted before any insurance claims were made.

3. How To Contact Ford

If you ever need help with your car by one of their service centers or even if no one is available at the dealership, then it’s important you know how to contact Ford because it doesn’t always fall under their service department. For example, if you’re experiencing problems with the engine, you could call the Ford Roadside Assistance number that’s available to all owners at no extra cost.

4. How To Reprogram Your Immobilizer

If your car is stolen or broken into, you’re going to need to reprogram your immobilizer unit. This can be done by a specialist and it’s a quick process but it’s something you should keep in mind for future reference as ford allows their customers to do this as many times as they need.

6 ford

5. Easy Brake Job

Brake jobs can be pretty expensive but ford has simplified the process for their customers by making it very easy to change the brakes. For example, all you need to do is release the caliper from its bracket and then remove the brake pad from its position on your wheel. Ford has put together a handy video on their website to show you how to change your brake pads yourself. Many other car manufacturers require the job to be done by a professional but Ford has made it easy for you to do the work yourself at home.

6. How To Change Your Engine Oil

If you’re up for doing a little light maintenance at home, then this article is for you. The article gives step-by-step instructions covering everything that’s needed to change your engine oil with simple tools and minimal effort. It’s perfect if you want to save money or if you just want to get an insight into how simple or difficult it is taking care of your own vehicle in future.

7. How To Change A Headlight Bulb

If your headlight keeps glimmering in the dark and you’re not sure why, then you’ll want to read this article because it tells you how to change a headlight bulb at home. It’s really easy to do by following the instructions and it doesn’t require any special tools so there’s no reason why you should be spending too much money on expensive shops when this information is available for free on the internet.

8. How To Inspect Your Brake Lines

It’s very important to keep your brake lines in good condition at all times. This protects the brakes and prevents any major issues occurring in the future. This is a very important task if your car begins to shudder or smoke because it could be a sign that your brake lines need replacing. Brake lines are an essential component of most cars and if you’re planning on getting an upgrade in the future then you need to ensure your car has these intact.


If you follow these tips and take advantage of the services that Ford offers, then it’s possible that you won’t have to worry about your car like a lot of others do. With these simple tips, Ford has given new owners every tool they need in order to maintain their car regardless of how it fared during its life.


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