8 ideas for Bigg Boss

6 bigg
6 bigg

Bigg Boss is an Indian reality television game show franchise based on the Dutch reality show Big Brother. It is produced by Endemol Shine India through Viacom18 and Disney Star. Subsequently, the various versions like bigg boss 11 15th december 2017 of the show are made internationally available through OTT platforms Voot and Disney+ Hotstar.

8 ideas for Bigg Boss are:

1. Money exchange: 

All contestants will be allowed to offer gifts to players, which they can accept or decline. The two who have accepted the same gift will pay Rs 200 each, and then the contestant who gets first will get 20 percent of the total sum, followed by 10 per cent for the second. In this format of Bigg Boss, contestants can give any type of gifts as long as it does not include alcohol or tobacco, etc. Anything from food items to clothes and bath products could be gifted by them.

2. Mass Leader: 

Bigg Boss should appoint a person with strong leadership qualities to lead the house overnight. He will be allowed to delegate tasks and assign responsibilities. He can even monitor the performance of those given tasks, which he can judge on the basis of their work rate and quality. All the contestants will be divided into five groups based on their choice. The contestant who becomes the Mass Leader for five consecutive days will be nominated for eviction. They will also get Rs 2 lakh as a prize, which they can use in any way that they want.

3. Betting:

In this format of Bigg Boss, players’ positions will be decided based on their performance and behavior levels. A player could lose his position and become a low-profile contestant if he or she does not maintain his or her conduct level as per the expectations of other contestants. They can even put money as a bet to prove themselves worthy of a higher position in the game.

4. New entry:

For two weeks, people from all walks of life will be invited to enter the Bigg Boss house. After that, the contestants can vote for whom they want to stay for another week. The one who gets the most votes will remain in the Bigg Boss house and the rest will leave. In this format of Bigg Boss, a new contestant will be introduced every week. He could be a family member or friend of any of the contestants, who will come and play the game for himself. Contestants can try to make him their friend to win his votes in order to stay in the game, but they should not forget that he also has his own agenda as well.

6 bigg

5. Anti-Bigg Boss:

In this format of Bigg Boss, the contestant who receives maximum votes from the audience will be automatically out. This contestant will not get a chance to make his point clear before he is out of the show. This is an idea where one or more contestants will have to undergo a task that is said to be more difficult than the basic task given by Bigg Boss every day. The contestant(s) who completes the task successfully will get Rs 15 lakh as cash prize.

6. Mighty King:

Every contestant will get a chance to become the Mighty King, who will be given special powers to change the game and nominate other contestants. If any contestant becomes the Mighty King three times in a row, they will get Rs 1 crore as cash prize. In this format, one contestant will be given the title of Mighty King. If he or she manages to save him or herself from getting evicted for seven consecutive weeks, he or she will win Rs 50 lakh.

7. Semi-open house:

In this format, all the contestants will be allowed to bring their children into the house for a night. Only, the contestants will keep keys to their rooms, whereas Bigg Boss and two other coordinators will keep keys to all rooms and can enter any room at any time. Those who are not comfortable with an open room system should vote out such contestants from their groups, so that a new roommate can be introduced for them, who has been voted out by other group members.

8. Pandora’s Box:

In this format, Bigg Boss will give a task to the contestants, who must complete it successfully within a specified time period. If they become successful in completing it, then they will get some advantage in the game. And if not, then they would have to face some bad consequences.

Another format of Bigg Boss is Double Trouble where one contestant will be given double votes at all times and he or she gets evicted if he or she receives more votes than any other contestant or becomes most disliked by the audience.

A choice-based concept that keeps the show as an open-ended show could also be used in the show.


The above ideas are just to give a new twist to the old concept of Bigg Boss and they can be used in any format. The format of Bigg Boss should not always be the same because if it becomes the same, then the show will become monotonous for the viewers.


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