Ten Instagram Fitness Reels That Had Gone Way Too Far

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

Fitness is supposed to be all about the journey, not the destination, so before you take a step in the wrong direction with your own story, here’s some of the most outrageous examples of that principle gone wrong. Claudia molina fitness instagram is a fun, fast-paced video series chronicling the exploits of an egotistical trainer and her narcissistic friends. It’s another example of blind ambition taking a destructive path. Like many things in the fitness world, it all started with this Groupon for a kickboxing class. 

It was supposed to be a way just to burn some calories and tone up without getting sweaty and messy but as soon as this girl started training she decided that she might rather have abs than a flat stomach. Nobody is perfect! 

About Ten Instagram Fitness Reels That Had Gone Way Too Far :

1. This guy decided to get a tighter calf muscle

This Instagram fitness reel about a guy who was going for a calf muscle “traction workout” seemed to be inoffensive enough, but his execution did not fit with the rest of the footage. He also kept repeating that “it’s not just cardio,” while ignoring the clear definition and purpose of cardio. He seems more upset that he can’t get a bigger muscle group than he is about sweating and getting dirty, which makes it all seem like an elaborate trick.

2. This girl got intense

This video is also about a woman who was looking to burn calories and tone up, but while she was doing squats or running on a treadmill she decided that she might rather have abs than a flat stomach – basically saying “I will die if I don’t have my abs.” There’s no way of knowing why this woman wants her abs more than her body composition, but the inner turmoil between her non-existent abs and her attraction to having them seems like it goes deeper than exercise. 

3. This lady got super intense

This study found that 40 percent of women in New York do cardio three times a week or more, but this woman seems to be so afraid of the scale that she’s doing it four times in one day. She’s using a treadmill, an elliptical, an exercise bike and a stair stepper to burn some calories while on vacation – which is how we know she’s going overboard. 

4. This lady went from normal to insane

This woman went from a relatively normal Instagram page to the extreme version of a fitness reel. She started off with squats and some cardio, but then she decided that if she was going for an abs-y body then she might as well take it to the next level by getting her butt and abs super toned. Her technique was so intense that she broke a sweat while posing in the mirror like it was no big deal. The best part is that after all of this hard work, her abs didn’t even look like they were burning.

5. This guy went hard

This Instagram reel of a man working out on the treadmill couldn’t seem to decide if he was going to be on the highest incline or the lowest, so he started out with an extreme incline and then switched to the lowest one. Then he decided that he wanted to do sprints along with his walking, but after a few brief sprints he decided that it might be a good idea to have some high knees in there for even more of a calorie burn. His exercise technique was very complex and his workout didn’t make much sense, but at least he tried.

6. This lady got loose

This woman was at the yoga studio and kept telling everyone that she didn’t want the instructor to make her do any cardio because she was trying to get a lean body, but after hanging out in her favorite pose for a while, she let him do some cardio anyway. She decided that if she couldn’t get it from the workout anyway, then she might as well burn some calories by going for an extreme cardio-yike instead. It was only two minutes of skipping later and this beautiful girl had already broken a sweat.

7. This dude decided to get some upper thighs

He decided that he would go for it all with this video, which is just not done. He started off by trying to get his upper thighs above the average range and then makes a long, drawn-out series of moves that he thinks will do the trick. Then he decides to burn some calories running up a hill and does so for 20 seconds. He then decides that this cardio is good enough and goes back to doing squats again without even pausing for water.

8. This girl decided to go crazy

This woman decided that she wanted her abs so bad that she would hurt herself in order to attain them – or at least attempt it. This Instagram fitness reel shows her attempting to do a handstand, but she is so uncoordinated and out of shape that she ends up falling over and getting stuck in a weird downward dog/upward dog position. She then decides that she doesn’t care about hurting herself, because as long as she has abs for the summer, it will all be worth it.

9. This woman decided to channel her inner Navy Seals

This woman decided that if her body was built for bikini season, then it was time to get the abs. Her Instagram reel showed us a very out of shape woman working out on the elliptical with ease while wearing a sports bra and workout pants – so at least some things are in order. It was also very clear that she was doing an intense workout because of the faint panting noises she made at times.

10. This lady decided to go all out

This woman has been treading water with her activity throughout, so it is nice to see that she finally decided to take the plunge and really commit to something extreme in her fitness regimen.


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