7 Disadvantages Of News And How You Can Workaround It

News Blogs
News Blogs

The necessity for news has always been a controversial matter. News media is mostly focused on the negative, and not many people are interested in hearing about the good things happening in their world. In today’s fragmented society where information can be found online or on TV at any time of the day, some may argue that information like those from traditional news sources no longer has its place. Channel26 fresno is one of the leading news channels in Fresno and the San Francisco Bay Area provides daily news headlines and other community oriented programs.

A lot can be accomplished within a few minutes on a conventional news stream. For example, if your neighbor was robbed last night, you would at least have some idea of what happened. However, there are also certain advantages of staying abreast with current events and it is important to consider these as well.

7 Disadvantages Of News And How You Can Workaround It :

1. News Is Not Always Positive

We might be used to hearing about the good things happening in our world but in reality, there is also a lot of negativity that happens as well. For example, incidences of crime are on the rise and that is not limited to just the United States but all over the world. 

One can try to ignore these negative news stories but it almost becomes impossible when someone you know or even yourself gets robbed. This may not seem like a big deal but imagine a world where nobody can be robbed since they did not know they were going to be victims of crime in recent times.

2. The News Media Can Influence Your Perception

News does not necessarily reflect the realities of a situation. Take for example an article about a robbery where the police are looking for the suspects. They may just mention that there were 3 men involved, but they may not tell you how many bank employees were actually robbed and how much was taken from them. 

This can really make the scene look different from how it really is; especially if you happen to see that same news segment on TV later on. It is important to get as much information as possible before making any real judgments based on what you have read or seen in a news broadcast.

3. News Can Influence Your Mood

Since negative news stories are being driven by ratings, they generally attract a lot more viewers than positive ones. This is not to say that there is no place for such serious news but it might be better to follow up on these events through dedicated programs or if you want something lighter and funnier, there are always comedy shows. When you stay too long watching a negativity-driven news program, it could potentially affect your mood and change how you feel about the things happening in your life.

4. News Is Not Always Relevant

News media is often used as a way to boost trends and other things that are popular at any given time. In fact, these days there is a huge market for certain news stories just to make it even more interesting or to escalate an existing trend. When this happens, a lot of people end up getting caught up in the story without even realizing it. 

5. News Can Only Tell Part Of A Story

In most cases, you could be the best source of information on your own situation. So when you take the time to go through past articles or interviews related to your situation, you could find evidence that none of what is being reported is true at all. This is especially true if they are directly reporting information without seeing it themselves. 

For example, there have been cases where a witness tried to get on camera in the hopes of being interviewed or getting their 15 minutes of fame. There have also been instances when the press only wants to focus on a certain aspect of an event to drive their own agenda.

6. The News Media Is Not Always Accurate

Most news networks have these policies about not reporting unsubstantiated claims but in some cases, these claims are either made up or taken out of context by the media itself and broadcast as fact. For example, here is a popular political quote from a presidential debate in the United States. Mitt Romney claimed that the Obama administration said they would create up to 500,000 jobs for teachers and firemen. 

The White House later clarified on their website why what Romney said was not entirely accurate and that they were actually referring to employment as a whole and not just firemen or teachers.

7. News Is Not Always Current

For news to be newsworthy, it has to be current but sometimes this is not the case. For example, if you are reading an article related to something that happened years ago, it may not be as relevant anymore.


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