The 6 Best Things About Planet Fitness


Planet Fitness is the fastest-growing health club in America and has revolutionized the fitness industry with their “no-nonsense” approach.

Planet Fitness provides a refreshing environment that literally takes the “fitness” out of fitness center. This break from traditional workout routines means that members are more likely to get fit and stay that way. They offer an exercise environment that is the “opposite” of most gym memberships. Instead of focusing on how much weight you lift, the number on your scale, or the size of your muscles, Planet Fitness’ goal is for their members to feel better about themselves through fitness.

With their motto “we make it easy”, Planet Fitness time open gives you access to everything you need to lose weight and feel great.

There’s no intimidating staff barking at you in front of a long line of cardio machines. There are no waiting lists for a single squat rack or bench press.

Six best things Planet fitness gym has to offer are:

1. They provide the staff and facilities for you to lose weight and get fit.

“I tried the Planet Fitness policy of only supporting the number on the scale. After I weighed myself, I realized that my weight didn’t reflect my progress that I had made in a few weeks.”

-Ryan C., Member

They use their experience as a health club to support your success in losing weight and getting fit, as well as keeping you motivated by offering onsite counseling and nutrition advice.

In addition to other aspects which make them different from other gyms (staff, atmosphere, etc.), they don’t allow members to wear gym outfits or shoes inside their gym.

“In the past, I would go to gyms and never workout because I didn’t like the atmosphere. But at Planet Fitness, you’re encouraged to be comfortable and not worry about comparing yourself to others.”

-Lana M., Member

2. They offer excellent value.

In addition to their low monthly fees and affordable membership options, Planet Fitness offers many membership options with no long-term contract. You can even cancel your membership with a simple phone call after your first month’s free trial.

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3. Their equipment is state-of-the-art.

One of the most popular features of Planet Fitness is their “all you can eat” equipment. Not only have they invested in purchasing the latest fitness equipment and personal trainers, but they also offer a full studio with awesome cardio and strength equipment to ensure that you will never have to wait for your machine during your workout. With plenty of digital displays and interactive touch screens, the gym is like an amusement park for people who are working out!

4. The gym is designed for people who don’t really like working out.

Planet Fitness does not follow the traditional fitness model as most gyms have been doing since the industry started revolving around weight loss programs. They allow their members to work out at their own pace, so that they can concentrate more on having fun rather than counting calories. You won’t find any intimidating staff barking orders or making you think that you’re not working hard enough.

5. They serve the customers and give them exactly what they want!

They not only serve you by offering excellent customer service, but also do what customers want them to do. They want to be your home away from home, a place where you feel comfortable attending your workouts and a place where everyone knows your name- Planet Fitness!

6. They maintain a “no-nonsense” atmosphere.

“Honestly, Planet Fitness saved my life. I joined when I was overweight and had no confidence in myself. Within a year I lost over 100 pounds and boosted my confidence level. Now, almost 3 years later, I’m still a member.”

-Mary D., Member

A clean environment, upbeat music and an all around fun atmosphere is what you can expect to find when you enter any Planet Fitness gym! Their staff are helpful and welcoming no matter what type of fitness level you’re currently at. “I had never worked out in my life but after a few months, I was able to lose 25 pounds. The biggest change happened in my self-esteem and confidence.”

-Billy L., Member

They offer a variety of brands of cardio and strength equipment, as well as classes with experienced instructors.


Now that you know the secrets behind Planet Fitness’ success, why not give them a try? There are thousands of locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. And unlike other gyms and fitness centers, there is no long-term contract or annual fee. Even if you’re just trying to get in shape, they invite you to visit one of their 3000+ gyms today. They even have a free trial offer for first-time members!

If you’re not happy with their service, there’s no obligation and you can cancel at any time. But if you’re looking for a gym that offers an enjoyable atmosphere and an unbeatable price, then Planet Fitness is for you!

Planet Fitness is the fastest growing health club in America and has revolutionized the fitness industry with their “no-nonsense” approach

Planet Fitness provides a refreshing environment that literally takes the “fitness” out of fitness center.


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