9 Fascinating Reasons People Like Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint.


What is Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint?

Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint is a website that provides inexpensive business cards, which are actually vinyl nail wraps. We all need a good business card now and again. But more importantly, there are many reasons why people love Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint.

The many reasons people like Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint include:

– Reason #1. People enjoy the designs.

– Reason #2. Many of the designs can be personalized.

– Reason #3. The application process is easy, plus you don’t need design skills.

– Reason #4. The pricing is inexpensive (on average $10 – $12 per card).

– Reason #5. The shipping is fast (within two business days).

– Reason #6. You’ll have a huge selection to choose from (around 1,900 designs). You can also upload your own design, but there are limitations regarding size and colors that are available on the site’s templates.

– Reason #7. The customer service is great (they are available 24/7/365).

– Reason #8. The application process is fast (typically three minutes or less).

– Reason #9. Some designs are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else.

Use of this card:

Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint are extremely popular among people of all ages, from school-age children to the elderly. They can be used for networking events, networking with friends and family, to simply give out your contact information in case someone needs it. Some women use them as a business card while they are selling their Jamberry nail wraps or products with Jamberry on them at a booth at a trade fair/convention.

Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint is a great way to introduce yourself to others, something you’ll do often on any given day. When people have your business card, they have something tangible and personal to keep so that they can refer back to you if needed. They also make a great gift to give out to friends and family.

Features of this card:

Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint have many features that make them great for networking. Here are some of the most notable ones:

– They’re great conversation starters. Most people don’t see nail wraps popping up in their everyday life, and this makes the business card a unique experience for them.

– The cost is low compared to other personal branding products, such as custom made pens or even those cheap rubber bands you get from trade shows that advertise your business’ name and number on them.

– The application process is easy and simple. Most customers can apply it themselves in under three minutes after watching a short how-to video (Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint provides one with each purchase).

Advantages of the card:

Besides personal and professional networking, Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint can be used in a variety of other ways. Some of the advantages people have mentioned include:

– The fact that you can buy one and put it in your wallet for easy access.

– The fact that it’s a great and fun gift to give someone who’s on your list.

– The fact that it looks great on almost any occasion, from everyday cutlery to trade shows. You could even use it as a back-to-school gift for kids at elementary or high school.

– It doesn’t take up much space so you don’t need to worry about where you place it.


The disadvantages of Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint aren’t too bad. Here are some of the main ones:

– They don’t last forever-the tips wear down after a few months or so.

– You’ll have to apply them every week or so. If you receive a lot of cover letters or other professional correspondence, it may become inconvenient for you to apply them regularly.

– Once the tips are worn down completely, they can no longer be applied and you’ll need to have the card replaced by Jamberry.

– The designs are exclusive and not available on any other cards (they’re all custom made).

How much does it cost?

The Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint vary in price depending on which kind of nail wrap you want. Here are the general prices for the most popular designs:

– Basic Nail Wraps:  $ 10.00 (A great value!)

– Basic Nail Wraps with glitter or rhinestones:  $ 12.00

– Premium Nail Wraps: $ 14.00 – $ 19.00 (This includes some of the most popular wraps, such as pep rally, lucky ladybug, and candy land!)

– Premium Nail Wraps with glitter or rhinestones: $ 17.00 – $ 25.00

– Exclusive nail wraps: Vary greatly depending on which design you want.

– Personalized Nail Wraps: Vary greatly depending on how many characters you want to be translated into your design.

(Some of the most popular nail wrap designs are available in a wide variety of colors.)

If you want them for business purposes only, you can easily save money by purchasing a set of 20 for $70 at the Jamberry Business Cards Vistaprint site.


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