Seven Outrageous Ideas For Your New War God

New War God
New War God

The world has been attacked by a new type of enemy that’s not in the country’s traditional military arsenal: war gods. Once thought to be fictional, these creatures are now popping up all over the planet. Whether they’re invading your city or simply terrorizing it, you need to know what you’re facing and how to protect yourself from them. This article will provide insight on War Gods and give advice on how best to keep your family safe from their attack.

Who is the god of wa:

A war god is an entity that maintains a physical existence in a human host. They are the opposite of Earthly deities; they make no supernatural claims, have no special powers and cannot be reasoned with.

They are called war gods because they inspire nationalism and aggression amongst anyone that is infected by them. The better known of the war gods include Ares, Odin, and Rustam.

In order to become a god of war ,a host must have several traits. They must have military experience, they should be in a leadership position and they must be at least 44 years of age. If the host dies or is killed, any other human within a three-mile radius becomes the new host for that god of war .

Seven Outrageous Ideas For Your New War God :

1. If a war god is invading your home, do not go outside. It will attack.

In order for a war god to infect a human host, that human must be outside of the home that it’s currently in. The best thing you can do is stay inside and hope it attacks someone else or goes away. Use this time to prepare yourself by gathering tools, weapons and provisions for making your last stand when it does attack.

2. If a war god is invading your city, get out.

If you live in a city or town that has been invaded by a war god it’s best to leave as soon as possible. The longer you stay, the more likely you are to become infected and fight on the side of the enemy. There is one main exception to this rule: if there are ten thousand or fewer people in your community, then it will be able to hold off an invasion indefinitely because they will run out of soldiers before they ever run out of humans from which to choose. This means that small towns with populations under ten thousand can remain completely safe from any attack as long as they do not take any action against the god of war .

3. If a war god is invading your home and you don’t believe in it, it will still attack.

Say you live in a house and you have no evidence that there is a war god present, but it still attacks anyway. The probability of the tsunami of harm hitting you is 1%. Even if the odds of it actually hitting you are less than 1% to begin with, the odds may change depending on how much faith or belief you have towards the cult of your god of war . 

If for some reason its attack seems improbable, then try to visualize yourself being attacked by one. Think about what would happen if the tsunami was actually going to hit your home and see if this makes things seem less probable or not. If you find that you’re still very confident in your own safety, then visualize yourself being attacked by a god of war .

4. If a war god is invading your home, it will damage it and try to get inside.

The first thing that the war god will do if invading your home is cause damage to the building itself. It will do this by knocking over furniture, breaking windows and, in some cases, causing cracks in the wall or ceiling. The second thing it’ll do is look for a way to get inside. It may break down a door or a window in an attempt to gain access. If that fails, the war god will try to break a window and climb in through that. If all else fails, try to kill the war god by physically attacking it.

5. If you’re in a house with your family and a war god is invading, do not fight back.

If there is one or more humans targeted by a war god , you should let the host handle it on their own. Try to hide from it, stay still and use the time to prepare for when it does attack your house. If you can keep it occupied until the invasion is over, it should not attack you or your family. If a war god wants to kill you, it will try to find a way to do so no matter what. 

But if it blames others for the damage that is being done, then it may just attack the other humans and not you. This means that if someone in your house becomes infected and attacks another member of your family, there is a good chance that neither of them will hurt you.

6. If a war god is invading your city and you notice a patch of grass growing out of control, get away from it.

A war god will infect anyone that sees someone else being infected by it. If there is one person that it can infect visually, then it will bring its tsunami of harm all the way back to where they were standing and try to infect everyone in that area. If this happens, most likely every member of that group will become infected and fight as soldiers on the side of the war god . This means you should stay away from anyone or anything when you see them being attacked or if you even suspect that they are being attacked by a god of war .

7. If a god of war isn’t attacking you, it’s not necessarily because it doesn’t want to.

When a war god isn’t attacking you or your family, it’s probably because there is another member of your home who is more specifically targeted for attack. Say there is someone else in your home that represents a higher value as a soldier or warrior than you do? A war god will choose to attack them before they go after someone else. 


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