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You don’t have to be at the gym or working out to enjoy the benefits of Movement Lifestyle Clothing. Whether you’re out for a walk, heading to your yoga class, or just want some extra support while running errands around town, these clothes are designed to give you all the protection and comfort you need.

Movement Lifestyle is a lifestyle brand that offers men and women the best in active wear. There are four products under the Movement Lifestyle umbrella: Sleeveless fleece tops, two-tone short sleeve tees, hoodies, and vests. 

All items are made from a blend of Merino wool and stretch cotton. All items are also marketed as ‘performance wear’ so you can wear them while running or on your bike without feeling uncomfortable or overheating.

Here some points are discussed about movement lifestyle clothes

1. Materials

Movement Lifestyle uses 100% merino wool which is considered one of the best natural insulators. There are also a few other materials added to this wool blend to give it that extra comfort you need from your activewear. 

For example, there is a premium knit lining made of polyester that makes the garments soft and cozy while the merino wool adds longevity and strength to the garment.

2. Fit & Sizing

The Movement Lifestyle brand utilizes a very simplistic sizing system. The sizing is based on their ever popular chest measurement so no matter what type of body you have, you’ll always find something that fits great. However, if you are looking for a snug fit, then you will want to go for the smaller size.

3. Price

The prices of the Movement Lifestyle products range from $59 – $129 with each product having a separate pricing range. You can get either a hoodie, or a top individually or multiple products at discounted prices with their three month subscription plan. 

The price of the regular subscription is $79 per month and you can also get an entire year’s worth of subscription for $499 dollars which includes free shipping in the US and free returns in Canada. There is also an option to pay by installments if that would work better for you.

4. Return Policy

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it for an exchange or a refund, even up to three months after the purchase. Just make sure you get a shipping quote for the return product before sending it back, then return it within 30 days to receive your refund.

5. Shipping

The Movement Lifestyle products are all shipped from the United States and have free shipping within Canada and US as well as free returns within Canada and US as well. They also offer free worldwide shipping on all of their old school t-shirt products which is awesome if you live outside of North America and want some great active wear at an affordable price.

6. Reviews

The Movement Lifestyle brand has been around since 2000 and they have created quite a niche market for themselves. In fact, they are the top selling brand on Amazon based on the number of total reviews. People are truly happy with their products, especially their hoodies and shirts which can easily be worn at home or out. 

They also have great customer service and offer prompt delivery on all orders so you will always get your order before what you expected. They also offer free returns to ensure that you get a quality product at a low price from an awesome company with great service!

7. Social Media

If you want to get more updates about the Movement Lifestyle products and their sales, then you should follow them on their social media accounts. They have a Twitter account where they post updates about sales and other fan-worthy news. You can also see pictures of people wearing their products and every once in a while they give away free stuff. 

Their Facebook page is filled with pictures as well as videos of people wearing their products in extreme weather conditions or engaging in extreme activities where they give the gear a try before recommending it to everyone else. 


The Movement Lifestyle brand is one of those few companies that truly live up to their name and offer you the best value in activewear. They offer a wide range of products from hoodies and shirts to vests and shorts, all made from the finest materials. 

And with free shipping both within Canada and US, you won’t really have to worry about paying a fortune at some giant department store to buy your first few items or return them if they don’t fit or are not what you expected when buying outside North America.


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