Psychology of Personality- Who Published Research Related to it?

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Discover the psychology of personality and the personality traits that make up your personality. Learn more about how psychologists use research to better understand our personalities and why individuals behave in certain ways.

Through this blog post, you will find knowledge on what your personal traits are and where they have come from. You will also learn about different sources you can use to find out more information on personality-related research.

Do you know which theorist published research related to the psychology of personality?

Personality is made up of individual characteristics that all have an effect on the world around us. Through reading this blog post, you will learn more about psychology and how it can help you to better understand yourself. 

Through learning about how personality works, you will become better at understanding yourself and others around you. By reading this blog post, you will be able to understand what your personality traits are and where they came from. 

You will also learn about a variety of sources that may help you find information on personality-related research. This blog post will help you to create your personal profile in order to research specific traits that make up your general personality type.

Here some points are discussed-

1. Psychology of Personality

Firstly, you will learn about the psychology of personality. Personality is a characteristic that makes up your own personal identity. When you start to look at personality, it is important to first look at the different areas in which it can be broken down. Generally, personality is broken down into two different categories- the big five and the big three dimensions of personality. 

The big five is made up of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism- these are considered to be key characteristics in understanding how someone interacts with their environment as well as themselves and others around them (Costa & McCrae).

2. Personality Types

You will now learn about two different types of personality. The first type is known as the four-letter personality. This means that the subject is able to identify themselves in these categories such as “A” for extraversion, “N” for neuroticism and so on. The second type is known as the sixteen-letter personality. 

This means that the subject does not have a clear idea of what their personality really is and will have to use a mix of their own description with someone else’s description to be able to identify themselves in these categories such as “F” for introversion, “S” for agreeableness and so on (Costa & McCrae).

3. Sources

Finally, you will learn about different sources that may be helpful when researching personality. You will discover some places to turn to when you are looking for information on how personality works and how it is created. 

These places include books and articles found online, museums and art galleries regarding different psychologists and their studies on personality, as well as biographical information on a variety of different psychology professionals (Griggs). 

These sources can help you to better understand not only your own personality but that of others as well. These places may also help you to discover more about a variety of research that has been done on personality, which can be helpful for your own personal profile.

So if you are curious about how to get started with personality, and want to learn more about the general types of things associated with personality, this blog post is perfect for you.


This blog post helped me to get the idea of what psychology is all about. Firstly, I learnt that Psychology is the study of the human mind; it looks into our brains’ activities. Psychology helps us to know how things happen inside our brains and how we can control it. Moreover, I learnt that Psychology is divided in many areas and it is hard to define those fields especially in psychology of personality because it has so many branches. 

Personality is important because it helps you to understand why one person acts differently from others. It also tells you about how a person behaves in a certain situation. It helps you to be honest to yourself and other people. Also, it helps you to know where your weaknesses are and what you have to do to become better. 

Personality is important because it gives us a chance to get rid of our bad habits which are bad for everyone around us as well. Psychology helps us to have better relationships with others and with ourselves as well.


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