How to make the best use of lamps in your decor?


Lamps are extraordinary lighting designs that can do wonders for your decor and can essentially change the way you or anybody looks at your living space. Lamps are beautiful lighting designs that accentuate the ambience of your home, among many other qualities. These lighting designs are extremely versatile and can give your decor the functionality you would never imagine. 

Usually, you would find three kinds of lamps that would eventually become an essential part of your decor or your lighting plan. The three kinds are table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps. While each of them functions differently and serves different purposes, together, they lend to the ambience of your space and can transform your living space beyond your imagination. A beautiful symphony of form and function, if you can truly harness the real potential of each of the lamps, then your decor will simply be outmatched, be it in terms of aesthetics, functionality or practicality. Now take a look at how you can make the best use of your table lamps and light up every nook and corner of your living space. 

1. Setting the tone of your space with the right lighting

When you place a lamp in the space, be it a table lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp, as a rule of thumb, none of the bulbs should be visible from all the places where you’ll be sitting or making use of. This not only helps create uniformity in the space but also helps you avoid over-glary spots of lights that might get you or your guests uncomfortable. 

Some lighting experts believe in keeping the general lighting below your eye level, and some believe in placing it above your head to lend perfect illumination to the space. But what everybody misses out on is focussing on the mid-level lighting. Mid-level lighting is just the thing you need to set the tone of your place and balance out the brightness in the space. 

You can also focus on the advantages each of the designs bring to the table. A table lamp can help add soft lighting to the space, while a wall lamp does the same too, along with adding uniform lighting on the ceiling. Floor lamps can help eliminate the shadows in the corner of your rooms and also eliminate shadows that are created by the overhead lighting fixtures. 

2. Carefully place all the lamps 

While there is a lot of planning involved in figuring out the right placement of each of the lamps, it is relatively easy to do it for floor lamps as they don’t need a platform to place on or be hung up on the ceiling like the others. For a table lamp, you need a tabletop or a countertop. For wall lamps or wall lights, you’ll have to make sure that you place them right where you need the lighting. 

Floor lamps are best suited to be placed around couches or your recliners. Table lamps too fit the same space. Avoid placing any of the lamps around your tv area if you have placed one.


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