10 Myths About TRAVELLING

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In our opinion, there are only two types of people in this world: those who have traveled and those who haven’t. Whether you’re taking a short vacation to Paris or a camping trip down the coast, we say get out there and see some new sites like sdorica tier list! But before you go on any big adventures, check out these 10 myths about traveling that we would like to dispel for you.

1) You will spend all your money on travel. 

This myth is just plain ridiculous. You will spend your money on travel, but you’ll save more than enough for another trip or two. You don’t need to take out a loan for your first few months, and if you overstay your visa, it is much harder to get back into the country.

2) First-time travelers are negative people who act like they have just been dragged through a briar patch. 

Asking questions is what will make you a more confident traveler, not afraid of the unknown. It’s all about the adventure!

3) Travel costs too much and I can’t afford it. 

Dude, everybody goes through that. We have all looked at our bank account and thought it was too small for a big trip, only to discover we will be able to afford it when we stop doing stupid things like eating out and buying new clothes.

4) Travelling is boring and I can’t do it. 

Traveling is different to sitting in a boring office job or living in the suburbs of your hometown. You may not find it exciting, but traveling involves far more than the surface level of sight-seeing – you will learn so many things about yourself as a person and see new cultures that are not just on the surface of your hometown.

5) I am too old to travel. 

Age is actually a good thing when it comes to traveling, as the older you get, the more mature you become. You understand that riding a bike downhill is dangerous and so you can avoid it. You know better than to leave your passport in an unattended hotel room. Why do you think that is? Did you just wake up one morning and realize you were old? No, it’s because of your outlook on life. Don’t give up hope – there are still lots of things in the world to see!

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6) Travelling is a waste of money. 

What you’re saying is that you’re too cheap to pay for a flight or bus to anywhere. Travelling is an investment into you, your mind, and your future. You are not just paying travel costs, but also the experiences that come with it, the new ideas and new perspectives on life. That’s what makes traveling an investment in yourself!

7) I can only afford to travel if I sell my car/house/parent. 

This is a myth perpetuated by people who do not have the courage to find ways around problems. There are thousands of ways you can fund your next trip. Did you know that you can sleep on a beach for free? Or that backpackers get discounts at dining places and hostels? You could also work part-time to save up for the trip or even sign up for travel rewards programs!

8) I can’t find someone to travel with. 

You are better off traveling alone than with someone who will drag you down. There are millions of travelers out there on the road right now, and many of them would be happy to meet you. You’ll make more friends on the road than in your hometown. Traveling with friends is awesome, but it’s not an excuse not to go on your own! We all need time alone , so why not use that solitude to better your mind and learn about yourself.

9) Travelling is going to make me fat. 

This is the only one we can’t disprove, but traveling will not make you fat. On the contrary, travel makes a person healthy – through eating healthily and exercising regularly you can control your weight and have a more positive mental outlook on life which will help you limit your possible emotional damage from eating junk food or excessive drinking.

10) Travelling is expensive and I can’t afford it. 

Sure, travel costs money, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You might be lucky enough to have family help out with your expenses when you go abroad. You might be able to get a better job that will allow you to save more money. You could even volunteer at a hostel for free accommodation and food, meaning you’ll probably spend less money than if you had stayed in your own home!


Hopefully after reading this we have helped to make your next trip a little bit easier. Make sure that you are well prepared, and you’ll be on the road sooner than you realize! Traveling is awesome and totally worth it! Nothing beats seeing the world and meeting new people, so go out there and explore some awesome places with your new friends!


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