9 Ways to Improve Your Home with Lighting


A home’s lighting system can make or break your rooms and the hard work you have put into the décor. Whether you want a bright or cozy vibe, lighting dictates the mood of any given space.

Think about it, you might be having some friends over for a fun game of blackjack real money while cracking open a couple of drinks, but if everything is all dingy and dark, it’s gonna sap away at your fun.

You can replace inefficient and outdated lights with new fixtures, switches, and bulbs. This blog post presents cheap, easy-to-implement tips to brighten your rooms and give your home a new look.

1. Maximize the house’s natural lighting

Your house could have access to abundant natural light that you could take advantage of and brighten your rooms. For instance, south-facing homes often have more light; however, it depends on how you have laid your home structure. Your house can receive natural light from every angle with an ideal layout.

How do you maximize natural light for your house? Clean the windows and utilize light filtering curtains and blinds to enhance the lighting in the rooms.

2. Choose appropriate lighting fixtures as the focal point

One way to improve lighting in your home is to use different lighting systems of various sizes. For instance, you should have lamps, chandeliers, and scones in different sizes to allow for visual clarity; otherwise, no specific thing will be outstanding.

But how do you use lighting fixtures as a focal point? Assuming you have a large dining or family living room, you can make a chandelier a focal point to be the primary lighting source. However, if the room is small, you can use a vintage scone or a floor lamp as a focal point.

If you correctly balance abstract or elegant lighting fixtures you can give your room a different look and style. Ensure you have placed your main lighting fixtures where they become the center of attraction.

3. Use dimmers whenever possible

You can also improve your room’s atmosphere by installing dimmer switches. You can do this in many rooms and fixtures, thus gaining lighting control. Dimmers are also suitable for anyone who wants to save on electricity bills.

Furthermore, you can balance the room’s natural light and dimmers to change its mood because it looks a little softer. If you want to go in the dimmer direction, you want to determine the bulb type and ideal wattage before settling on the right dimmer.

Other factors that improve space lighting are the dimmer style- paddle, buttons, toggle, or knob- and the color of the dimmer. You could also incorporate the dimmers’ advanced features, such as automatic lighting.

4. Employ lighting control app

Technology has made it possible to switch your lighting on and off using an app even if you are not in the same room. For instance, you may want to turn on the lights in your living room before arriving home so that you don’t bump into a dark house. You can simply use your smartphone or tablet apps to control your lighting at home.

These apps can also help you regulate the light when you are away, so the house does not look deserted. Other people have also found these apps helpful when setting dinner party lights or wake-up times. It is convenient at the touch of a button.

5. Fix lighting for your media room

If you have TV-focused spaces, you can play with lighting to improve the room’s mood. This lighting will reduce TV screen glare and enhance the general room appearance. You can use fewer overhead lights and increase task and ambient lighting.

Using good task lighting means that even if the overall room is dim, anybody who wants to read can still have ample lighting from the table lamp. Therefore, when planning a media room, install excellent light-controlling window treatments and natural light sources. This way, a sunny day will not hinder your entertainment goals.

6. Replace old bulbs with new ones

If you have always used certain lighting fixtures on some parts of the house like the entryway or kitchen, you can change them with more energy-efficient alternatives. A change in these bulbs can bring new life to these areas and significantly cut the energy bills.

You can use brighter colored LED lights with an aesthetic feel to improve the outlook of your room. Replacing your flush-mount lights and chandeliers with Energy star label bulbs can make your home look new.

7. Use new shades

Did you know that changing your lampshades can improve your home lighting? Lampshades are not given enough credit for their contribution to enhancing home appearance. For instance, light-colored lampshades can diffuse light on a broader area, while dark lampshades concentrate light by focusing on a surface.

You can change your lampshades by trying out a punch of colors to help you redo your room lighting. Use dark lampshades for reading or study tables and light-colored shades in your bedroom or small dining rooms.

8. Use decorative lights

You may create killer décor for your room, but your hard work may not stand out if the lighting does not complement it. Adding small decorative lights underneath the paintings can bring your home décor to life.

While some of these lighting options may require wiring, others only need to be plugged into the wall where you want them to be. This way you can change their position to fit any occasion or event you are holding at home.

9. Substitute central lights with ambient lights

Ambient lighting can bring shaper personality, softness, and warmth to a space than the standard central lighting. Their light rays can reach darker corners of the house, thus improving your room’s mood.

Ambient lights include candles, floor lamps, recessed lights, and floor lamps. Besides creating an appealing appearance, ambient lights can also add drama to spaces where they are installed. Furthermore, they can also accentuate décor pieces like wall art, plants, pictures, and sculptures.

Picture or recessed light can improve room lighting with wall art displays. You can use these lights from the back of the object to accent them. The lights can indirectly hit these decorative pieces to bring out the drama and add extra oomph.

Wrap Up

Lighting is an essential factor in your home and you can play with the bulbs, décor, and fixture arrangement to give your room a new look. Natural lights and bulb positions improve your room’s mood and create an aesthetic look. We hope these tips help you to create an ideal living environment for your family and guests.


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