A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Arizonabased Trainual Saas Ventures.

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What is arizonabased trainual saas ventures?

Arizonabased trainual saas venturesis a company dedicated to simplifying training. They offer video-based training accessible from the web, PC, or mobile device at any time and in any place. Trainual enables their customers to get unlimited access to the best content for their needs with no upfront costs.

Trainual is the brainchild of Ben Stonebraker, an Arizona State University graduate with a passion for teaching. His idea was to bring the best online training to everyone in the world, anywhere from hard-to-reach developing countries to small towns. Stonebraker saw a need for simple and affordable training that was not found anywhere else yet. “I thought about how I could help most people on this planet learn what they need,” he said. “With millions of people around the world who have great ability but lack knowledge and understanding of how to leverage it, my goal is to make sure that all people in the world have access to quality learning at very affordable cost.

Why were trainual saas ventures started?

Education is direly needed around the world, especially basic skills that people need to survive and prosper in their communities. By combining affordable education with a flexible structure and convenient access to any region on planet Earth, Trainual creates an elegant solution to improving the world’s education.

What are some of the benefits of trainual saas ventures?

Benefits best in short:

* Enhanced skills and knowledge for individuals, families and businesses * Optimized learning from world-renowned experts in any field * Equal access regardless of geographic location or economic status * Accessible anytime, anywhere from smart phones, tablets, PCs or Macs. With no installation or up-front costs. * A world-wide platform for equal learning opportunity at any time and in any place around the globe for individuals, families and businesses.

Trainual’s model is to provide the most high quality training from the best instructors in any field. The training is accessible through a browser. Teachers or anyone who wants to leverage their skills or knowledge can create content for Trainual. The internet has changed the way we live, and a website is no longer a limitation for access to information. As long as a person has an internet connection, they have access to high quality knowledge and training directly from the source: world-renowned experts at affordable rates.

Are there any drawbacks?

Trainual has identified no major issues to date, but they do have a short-range goal of improving the user experience. Ben Stonebraker has received overwhelmingly positive responses from customers, while at the same time, users have provided input on shortfalls in the user experience and functionality. The small staff of Trainual is working to address those issues as quickly as possible. “It’s been quite a ride,” said Stonebraker. “We put our heart and soul into making this happen, and we are very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. We only see this as the beginning.”

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

Regretfully, Ben Stonebraker made some decisions which have slowed launch time. He said “I’d focus on the user’s experience more than the tech with an early focus on user-generated content so people can actually use it without getting overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles.” He also wishes that he had gotten a technical partner from day one. Stonebraker is working on adding tech people to his team in order to move forward at a faster pace.

How has it been to work with arizonabased trainual saas ventures?

Trainual is an exciting company, and we have had a great time working with them. Their CEO Ben Stonebraker, who is also the creator of Trainual, is an extremely talented individual, and we have been impressed by his forward thinking organization of Trainual as well as his dedication to making sure that everything about Trainual – from content to technology to customer service – provides optimum value for users. We look forward to a successful future for Trainual.

What are some of the biggest lessons learned from Arizona based trainual saas ventures?

A lot has happened since our last update, so we need to add some context before jumping into the nitty-gritty details.

1) The project has had its ups and downs. A few months ago, Ben Stonebraker had a mild stroke which slowed things down, but now things are on track again and he’s back to 100% so far as I know. Ben is amazing. He’s a go-getter who is very focused on making sure that Trainual users get what they pay for in terms of quality education at affordable prices.

2) Working with our technical partner in the United States, who is based about 500 miles away in Phoenix, we have had an incredibly positive experience. The team at the other end of the phone has been very knowledgeable and helpful. They have made great strides from our previous product development phases to meet our goals for an Internet-ready product that features e-learning and video as standards on all platforms.

3) We’re on track to launch within a few months. That’s exciting news for us! The creator of Trainual always dreamed of bringing mobile learning and video to people around the globe, so this is finally happening!

4) This project has been challenging but it feels like it has been brewing for a long time.


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