How to Find a Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Virtual Real Estate

If you own a real estate business or are planning to buy or sell a home, chances are that you came across a real estate assistant. They have several duties, such as handling calls, scheduling visits, and sales strategy. In fact, buying or selling a new property without one is a pretty complicated task. That’s why many companies hire these types of professionals. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, this service has moved online, along with many others at that time. Now, you can have it all with a virtual assistant (VA). Where to find a reliable one, though? Keep reading and find out. 

A Maze of Options

A quick search on Google for “virtual assistant real estate” will return a long list of options. Are they all worthy of your attention? How to identify the best options? A top-notch real estate virtual assistant has unquestionable reliability, excellent communication and organizational skills, and is attentive to details. There are four types of real estate VAs: sales, marketing, customer support, and administrative. Here’s what they do.


A sales VA helps with more effective sales strategies. This professional is a contractor that will manage emails and phone calls from customers and create prospective leads. Above all, it’s up to the sales VA to find the best deals for clients and the company. 


A marketing VA is responsible for the marketing strategy, including social media presence, email, and search. This professional operates on multiple fronts to attract more clients.

Customer Support 

Customer support is essential for keeping existing clients happy and also helping new ones. In fact, this virtual assistant real estate professional is of paramount importance for the sales process. 


An administrative virtual assistant real estate professional handles the office management part of the business. This VA is responsible for phone calls, data entry, scheduling, bookkeeping, and expenses. 

Key Advantages

The best part about VAs is that all their duties can be handled remotely. It’s an essential profession for most companies, as they speed up sales and client prospecting processes. Additionally, these professionals increase a company’s ability to reach new clients while these companies can focus on other managerial issues.

You can hire the best VAs at MyVirtuDesk for all your company’s needs. MyVirtuDesk offers a wide range of professionals and resources for real estate solutions, including legal assistance, human resources, accounting, and coding. 


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