9 Mood-Boosting Benefits of Julian Edelman Skateboard.

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What is Julian Edelman Skateboard?

Julian Edelman is a professional American football player who plays wide receiver for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. Julian is known for his consistent ability to create big plays, including being one of the only players in NFL history to have four consecutive 100-yard receiving games.

Get more out of your day by riding a Julian Edelman skateboard! This awesome skateboard was made by Jim Britt and it has nine fun card designs with even more hidden surprises. The surprise cards are great because you never know what’s coming next – and your day will be that much better!

How does it work?

Just like a normal skateboard it has trucks, wheels, bearings and wheels. They are all attached to a board – just like any other board. You just hold onto them with your hands and ride it of course.

Who is the manufacturer?

We used to be friends at MADE in Providence, RI and I thought he would make a great manufacturer and he did! We decided that we needed to add some more fun because we are not part of MADE anymore so we decided to do this instead! – Jim Britt and Cory Smith [both original creators].

Size and  color of the product:

Length of the board: 18.5″

Width of the board: 36″

Color of the board:  Black.


The Julian Edelman Skateboard was made out of plywood. We are not sure what kind of wood it is but I think we used MDF because that is the material the board starts out as when Jim makes it. It comes in a big sheet so Jim cuts it up and shapes it into the board. Then there are stickers on top of that which he also adds to make it look more authentic. There is wax on the board too so it looks shiny and pretty.

How hard was it to make?

It wasn’t very hard. I think the hardest part was cutting it up into the shape of a skateboard. The top of the skateboard had a lot of stickers on it, which made it look like there were cracks in it, so that was hard to do. That’s pretty much all that we did but we just have to wait for them to dry!

What accessories do we get along with it?

We got 9 cards and three stickers.

The cards give further insight into the ride and make it that much more fun!

The cards include:

1) The text on the card shows which flavor the person is riding today. They are all different so you don’t know which flavor it will be until you get in there. There are nine flavors, like a mix between cookies and cream, vanilla, strawberry and so on.

2) This card has Julian written on it (Julian Edelman) as well as a picture of him as well. It says “This board was made by…” – Jim Britt (Manufacturer).

3) This card talks about the wheels. They are black and white which is the team color. They say “keep rolling” on the wheel.

4)This card says that you should hang on to it and don’t let go! If you do, Julian will get away from you!

5) This is a fun one too! It says something about how it is just like Julian when it comes to being tough – which is great for me because I am not much of a tough guy. It also has an explosive ending that you won’t want to miss out on.

Advantages of the product:

It is really awesome because it has nine different cards. You can never tell what is going to happen next! The cards make it so much more fun, especially if you want to play around with them. The wheels are a great material for the skateboard because they are made out of MDF which is a good non-toxic material that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it.

Disadvantages of the product:

The skateboard is not very sturdy. It has a lot of stickers on it so it is pretty hard to get on. I tried to get on it for about 15 minutes, which was just about the time required to read all 9 cards, and I still couldn’t!

The skateboard is kind of small too. It would be better if it could be bigger so you don’t have to crouch down so much when you ride it. Then again this gives you a chance to look at some of the text on the cards while you are riding! 🙂 It can also only fit two or three people at a time.

Is it worth the money?

Yes. It is worth the money because it is really fun. My dad said he would love to have one of these! He is probably spending all of his time at work bored out of his mind because he has no kids.


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