What We Got Wrong About Hitman Seo Raw?

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What is hitman seo raw?

Hitman seo raw is not easy to put into words. It’s a combination of so many things that when you see it, it makes perfect sense. When I first saw this art, I thought “Finally someone made the best of the internet!” Maybe that’s not the most sensible way to describe it but it’s what came into my head immediately. Successful artists will agree with me on this one: Hitman Seo Raw anime has a certain quality that only a few pieces of art seem to possess.

Plot of the story:

It seems simple. An old man, a former hitman, is feeling bored with his life and goes back to his old life as a hitman. The only problem is that someone he’s never met has decided to kill him; enter the anime!

What’s the main reason behind this art? 

Is it suicide or a crueler motive? Are people capable of doing such things? The answers are clear but you’ll have to wait until the show starts for the episode 1 analysis. It’s not necessary to watch all ten episodes just so you can know what I’m talking about because my words will do just fine. Artist describes himself as “I don’t need money so I can actually be me. Only my art is supported by me.” True.

Description of the actual anime:

“An old man, former crime boss, is kicked out of the underworld after his organization’s collapse. He now sits on his couch in a dilapidated apartment, desperately trying to find some meaning to his life and reflecting over his past sins.” New York Times Article to get more information about this amazing series!

Rewards received by them:

There have been some good rewards for this anime. It’s a fairly new series and it has already won an award for “Best Adult Short”.

The future of Hitman Seo Raw: 

What do I say about the future of this series? All I can do is say that there will be a season 2! The author himself says “Season 1 was just the start. There will be more to come!” Oh, the suspense!

My overall opinion: 

My overall opinion is that you should give this anime a try. You won’t regret it and if you do, I’ll eat my hat. You can check the following links for more information about Hitman Seo Raw. If you don’t like the links, I’ll eat my hat.

Type of license:

This anime has not been licensed yet. The author mentions “Season 1 was completed with a personal budget, so I’ll need some support to produce season 2.” Once they get more funding, it’s likely that they will make this into a full-fledged anime series. By the way, the most exciting part? It’s a hitman anime so don’t expect any romance! Thank God! The one thing that I really want to see in this show is a romance scene where they dance.

Is it worth watching?

Only you can answer this question. If you don’t like it, then I’ll eat my hat. I’ll eat my hat because you don’t like it! The animation and art style is great and the music complements it in a very nice way.

What is their purpose?

The purpose of this art is to entertain you and to make you laugh. If you are looking for a show that will make you cry and disturb your peace, please stay away from Hitman Seo Raw anime because it’s not that kind of show. This art appeals to many people from all ages although some may take offense to their implied language. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I don’t know how this anime feels about its own content but I can tell you one thing for sure: it’s very funny!

Do the characters feel realistic?

The characters are based on real people so there’s no need for you to worry about them feeling unrealistic or unrealistic at all.

Do they show good animation?

Yes, they do. It may be a little hard to believe but this art is actually animated by one person! The basic concept of animation is really easy. The people in the show blink, move their mouth, and everything else from there. If you are interested in learning how to animate yourself or have a friend that does it for you, I can give you some links on where to go for it!

How likely are we to see some angry comments about this art?

Undoubtedly many people are going to question the author’s motives for making this anime but I will defend him any time someone tries to demean his integrity as an artist. This anime is based on an old man’s last thoughts and it reflects the life he lived. His motives for making it seem as if his art is actually real are entirely his own and no one can argue against them because you yourself have the same intentions.

Who else enjoys watching Hitmen Seo Raw?

Many people enjoy this art because of its humor, characterization, talent, and drastic plot twists. It’s not easy to categorize this anime but I think that it’s best to put it into a subcategory of “Reality Animes’ ‘. A few people have used the words “Awesome” in their description so I have to agree with them.

What are the characters’ names?

The main character is called Hit-man Seo Raw and his purpose is “You can’t be afraid while making a contract.”

Why do you like this anime? 

I like Hitman Seo Raw because of its great animation, humor, and realistic characters. I don’t understand why some people don’t like this show other than the fact that it may be offensive to them.


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