The 25 Secrets You Will Never Know About Triumph News


A website that has been online for six years, Triumph News is one of the most reliable and trusted sources in the world. It is a site that helps to bring you closer to your favorite thing: sports. This blog covers all sorts of important news, including but not limited to football and soccer. Apart from sports-related information, Triumph News network brad barton also provides articles about other informative topics such as general health, science, lifestyle tips, international news and many more.

25 secrets about triumph news websites are:

1. The Triumph News was the first website on the Internet to regularly provide soccer news.

2. The birth of the idea for Triumph News was shaped by one person- Djama’ad Al-Hafedh, a sport journalist based in Britain working as team manager at Jordan Radio & Television (JRT).

3. It is estimated that there are approximately one million subscribers to the Triumph News websites and readers doing so from 131 different countries in the world.

4. In 2009, Triumph News received a Guinness World Record for having been posted on its website for most consecutive days at 750, beating previous record-holder ESPN’s Sportscenter site which posted at 527 consecutive days.

5. As of today, Triumph News continues to be the most read and most visited online soccer site.

6. The founder of this website is JAMA’AD AL-HAFEDH who was a longtime sports journalist for nearly 25 years before it was launched in 2004 by his company, JRT Sports LLC.

7. On the Triumph News website, you will find categories including- football news and soccer news, basketball news and NBA news, tennis news and tennis world news, European basketball league information as well as international basketball league information.

8. The foundation for the success of Triumph News is not just in knowledge, but also in its high degree of integrity. This site only provides high quality sports-related news, information and stories.

9. Triumph News is owned by JRT Sport LLC, an International sports media company based in Jordan.

10. JRT sport also owns and operates a number of other websites such as- Euro Daily News, Sports Today and Al Arabiya Sport .

11. The website is formatted to be easy to read, with essential content located on the left page and plentiful appearance throughout the rest of the screen for quick access to vital information or quotes from the articles that you may be interested in reading about or commenting on.

12. The site also provides a plethora of social media links for you to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

13. Triumph News is run by a group of two Jordanians and two Britons working as part of the JRT Sports LLC team, helping them to reach their goal of providing sports related news and information to all their subscribers’ needs.


14. JRT Sport LLC is the only company in the world that has been recognized by Guinness World Record as having posted 750 days consecutively on any web page since its inception in 2004.

15. The Triumph News website also contains a link to the JRT Sports live-stream service, which grants you access to all the latest sports news and videos.

16. You will also be able to find all sorts of information about the most popular sport in the world on this site, including soccer news and info, basketball news and info, tennis news and information and much more.

17. Furthermore, you can also find a link on Triumph News’ website to their own sports reports section . In this section you will be able to view a special compilation video of some of this season’s most exciting games that have been played up until date including pictures from those matches accompanied by audio commentary from the teams’ radio channels.

18. Triumph News’ website also provides an option for members to comment on matches, reports and any other such related articles.

19. The Triumph News website provides its subscribers with the opportunity to leave comments of their own in the form of messages, opinions or anything else they may have to say on any article they may have found of interest.

20. A number of years ago, it was noted that the majority of readers in this section are writing comments related to soccer; however, more and more people are getting attracted to writing comments relating to basketball.

21. In 2009, Guinness World Record awarded The Triumph News website team for having posted on their website for most consecutive days at 750, beating previous record-holder ESPN’s Sportscenter site which posted at 527 consecutive days.

22. In that same year, The Triumph News was also awarded the Best Website award in Jordan by the British Jordanian Chamber of Commerce .

23. The Triumph News’ blog is updated daily and the website itself is updated regularly, with new stories being added to complement the old ones.

24. Many of the articles are viewed in a number of different countries around Africa and Europe, as well as North America and Asia. They even have an estimated number of one million readers globally.

25. The Triumph News website is available in English and Arabic, and is also accessible through the Google and Yahoo search engines.


Although there are many online sports news websites, the triumph news is still the number one place for the latest in sports information.

The reason for this is their integrity and accuracy. The triumph news team has done a great job and have always been striving to bring their readers the best sports news, updates and stories available on the web today.


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