15 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Furniture


Picking up furniture is a lot like dating: you want to find the perfect piece to fit just right with your decor and needs. But with so many stores and options out there, it can be hard to make that final decision without spending weeks doing research. We’re here now, though, and trust us when we say we spent hours upon hours trying to find the most interesting facts about furniture for you. Cyfar furniture is a family-owned business that has been in existence since 1878. 

The company is known for its mission of green manufacturing. Cyfar is a Canadian company and manufactures furniture in Nova Scotia, Canada. Benches are often used to store tools, children’s toys and even plants. However, benches are not always reliable to hold objects due to their lightweight materials. All this hard work has paid off (phew) because we’re about to bring you 15 things that are bound to surprise you!

15 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Furniture :

1. No chairs at the Round Table –

If you’re one of those who love to be seated on a throne all day long, this piece of furniture might not be for you. The chairs in King Arthur’s Round Table are often believed to have been made by Merlin, who just happened to be the king’s magician. Some people claim they can see his name, MALO MORI written on the back of one of the chair legs. Maybe this is why no chair reigns supreme: Merlin never finished them!

2. The Furniture Industry Ruined One of the World’s Greatest Artworks –

A 15th century statue of the Buddha had to be taken off display because people were climbing on it for fun! The Buddha has been a symbol of peace and enlightenment for over 2500 years, but after it was moved to our world, people began jumping on it for joy. In order for the statue’s message to reach everyone, it had to be put back in its original place.

3. There’s a Japanese Doll Furniture Store –

Gundam is the world’s largest store for dolls and dollhouse furniture. The name Gundam comes from a Japanese anime series that features giant robots, also known as “mecha.” If you’re looking for the perfect piece to complete your collection of miniature furniture, this is the place to shop!

4. Some Furniture Names Are Inspired by Real People-

A popular brand of office furniture has been designed with the image of the most successful people in mind, including Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Einstein. Stressless was created by inspired designers who wanted to make everyone’s workday just a little bit better. Maybe that’s why the name is two words, Stress Less!

5. A Montessori Furniture Designer Was a Teacher to Dali –

Montessori Academy currently holds the world record for being the school with the most number of students who have become Nobel Prize Laureates since it opened in 1931. The furniture designer and founder of Montessori Academy was renowned for her innovative teaching methods, as well as her dedication to environmentalism.

6. Homemade Furniture Is Bad For You-

Did you know that you could have your health insurance denied if it is found out that you have purchased furniture at home instead of a store? The truth is, there are a lot of risks involved when purchasing furniture from home stores. This is because these items are not made to be the same quality as retail furniture, so there can be hidden dangers such as lead paint and toxic chemicals.

7. Do You Live in a Furniture Showroom? –

You might want to check your house for secret rooms, because Ligne Roset is a designer furniture company that has installed beds and couches throughout Paris in order to display their work. The idea was originally used by Louis Vuitton.

8. It Takes a Village to Make Furniture –

According to the United Nations, the industry accounted for 3% of all jobs in sub-Saharan Africa as of 2014! Even though just about everyone has furniture (except maybe some Amish people), most of us know very little about how it is actually made. This is one of the many jobs in Africa that helps support local communities.

9. A Furniture Designer Created a Bunk Bed for Prisoners to Start Their Own Business –

EcoBunk was created by a designer who wanted to give prisoners an opportunity to start their own businesses or work with NGOs after they were released. The bed is made out of recycled materials and even has a cable run that can hold a laptop! So next time you’re looking for furniture, keep this company in mind.

10. Furniture Makes The Best Bunk Bed-

The word “bunk” itself derives from the same root as “cabin,” which means a hut or shelter. Bunks are often located in bedrooms, as it is custom for children to have their own bedrooms. However, today most homes aren’t large enough to have rooms just for children and their parents. Kids have bunk beds instead!

11. You Can Buy Furniture Made From a Recycled Aircraft Carrier –

In 2014, a company called Urban Architecture purchased the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier and converted it into furniture. Part of the ship’s command center was converted into school desks, while other areas were converted into conference tables and office chairs. While it was originally a naval battleship, today it is used as storage for office equipment.

12. Wooden Furniture Didn’t Exist Until 1629-

The first wooden furniture that we know of was made in England in 1629. Before this time, most furniture was made of wood, but it had to be sent to England because no one knew how to make the wood into anything else. The first piece of furniture ever referred to as “furniture” is a print called An Inventory of the Goods belonging to Mr. William Strode and printed in 1652 by Thomas Batman.

13. The First Book About Furniture Was Written By a Pharaoh –

Some people claim that the first book about furniture was written by Ptolemy, who was the second-century BC Roman astronomer. However, the historical record doesn’t support this claim. The first book about home furnishings is a Chinese manuscript known as “The Catalog of Furniture.” The document dates from around 588 AD and offers instructions on how to put together a house and decorate it according to Confucian tradition.

14. There Is Only One Piece of Furniture That Has Never Been Created –

There is only one type of furniture that hasn’t been created: the infinitely repeating chair. This chair can be made by drawing an infinitely long line, then connecting these points with a single line. It is known as the “eternity chair.” While it sounds simple enough, there is still no doubt that this chair exists!

15. The First Woodwork Was Made Over 30,000 Years Ago –

The first woodwork was made over 30,000 years ago. Woodworking in basic form started in Africa and quickly spread to other parts of the world. This woodworking was done by women in Africa because men weren’t allowed to do much at the time. The men had to make all of their tools from stone or bone!


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