Master The Art Of Zulily Home Decor


If you’re not familiar with Zulily home decor, it’s the people who offer a “daily fresh selection with deals of the day.” What that basically means is that they sell some of the most popular furniture, wall décor and rugs in America at amazing prices every single day. Whether you’re looking for high-end or budget-friendly – they have it all!

It’s time to get decorating! With their newest collection of home décor including upholstered sofas, wood benches and chairs, throw pillows for every style and budget; your place is going to look just like Pinterest in no time. Your friends are going to be envious when they come over for dinner.

Just step right in. The modern, bold and stylish items may take over your home before you close the door … but you won’t be disappointed!

1. The Living Room

A sleek and modern look is where it’s at. This collection offers a wide range of sofa styles and frames, pillows and throw cushions in all the rich tones you could ever want. The modern couches run the gamut from big and bold to delicate, as well as shop around for different models. Plush upholstery, contemporary chairs and side tables with trays all make this look so chic.

2. The Child’s Room

This is an adorable collection of whimsical artwork that you can use to decorate the walls of your child’s room. If you love the fun, playful colors and styles, then get ready to find the perfect piece for your little one’s bedroom.

3. The Dining Table

You gotta eat! Right? What better place to drop your silverware than a place setting on stylish and colorful dinnerware. This collection ranges from traditional plates and bowls to modern alternatives that add a pop of style. And don’t forget the glasses! You may want to stock up on a few of these because they’re just so darn pretty.

4. The Bar

Never underestimate the importance of a great collection of barware. Especially in your dining area where you’ll want to enjoy some cocktails with your friends. This collection offers stylish options for every kind of beverage, appetizer and snack you could want. If you’re looking to set up a bar area in the family room, then this is the place to go shopping. These are high-end pieces that will make your drinkware look so dang cute!


5. The Living Room – A Different Kind Of Sofa

Sometimes we’re looking for classic color schemes with a traditional-style that won’t get old. Looks like we found the collection to fit that description! This variety of upholstered sofas will make your living room look like it’s straight out of Better Homes and Gardens.

Okay, okay, okay. You don’t have to limit your sofa to only one color … especially when they look this cool! Match a bold sofa with a bright accent chair and then bring it all together with some warm throw cushions.

6. The Kitchen

Grab a seat at the table! How about a comfortable seat with some color? These options will set your kitchen apart from the rest. And if you want to spice up your dining area, then grab one of these seats for your table. You gotta cook! Assemble all of your cooking utensils on top of the colorful and modern kitchen tables and chairs. It’s all about the details with this collection, so you can pair it with different colored dishes, utensils, and ramekins to really get creative.

7. The Sink

It’s time to get your hands dirty! These are a few basic accessories that you need in the kitchen. You can put your teacups and teapots right next to the stove. Then keep dish towels and pot holders within reach when you have guests over. You’ll be ready to serve at a moment’s notice!

8. The Bathroom

There’s nothing basic about this bathroom collection! It has everything from modern faucets and mirrors to chic bowls and toilet paper holders. This is far from ordinary … it’s perfect!

9. The Dining Room – Another Kind Of Dining Table

If you’re looking for a super-modern table for your dining room, then you’ll want to check this collection out. It’s just too cool for words. Plates and bowls of all types are included, as well as decorative placemats and utensils that will make your dining room look like a dream.

10. The Living Room – Another Kind Of Sofa

This one is the same idea as the previous sofa, but in a different color scheme! A bold color scheme like this is sure to make your place look fabulous at any time of day or night (and night is when most people go to their place… right?).


There you have it! The Art of Zulily Home Decor was fun to do, and I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep on the lookout for more of these collections because we want to bring you the latest and greatest home decor almost everyday!


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