Why Is Dennis Farina Jr So Famous?


Many people know the name Dennis Farina Jr as a tough-as-nails DEA agent who delivered final blows to drug lords and other criminals in the movie Starsky & Hutch. However, many don’t realize that he’s actually rather famous for playing on the Chicago Bears team from 1989 to 1997. Despite his huge success, he always downplayed his role as a player because of his tumultuous relationship with his father, Dennis Sr. Dennis Farina Jr is actually Gary Farina’s son, who was born in ’81.

The movie Farinelli and the King of Naples is not just a movie. It’s a story of two men who loved and fought for each other. The story begins with Gary and Dennis Jr. in Italy trying to find the lost singer Farinelli. In the end, they find him, but only after the two men have fallen for each other: Dennis Sr.’s long-time girlfriend becomes enamored with Dennis Jr., who then falls for her.

Why Is Dennis Farina Jr So Famous :

1. Dennis Farina Jr. Is Related To A Great Actor

Gary Farina is one of the greatest actors of his era and his famous for playing in many mafia movies including The Godfather II and Goodfellas. Farina Jr has made quite the name for himself as well, with shows such as Law and Order, 24, and CSI Miami. He’s appeared in movies such as Happy Gilmore, Get Shorty, Sugar Hill, The Last Don 2 and others. With more than 60 acting credits to his name, he’s got quite a career ahead of him – which makes sense given that he’s also been a Golden Gloves boxing champion.

2. He Is A Champ

The guy is a champ. We all grew up studying the career of Rocky Balboa, who was a heavy weight champion for many years. Farina Jr has been around this game for quite some time, too. He won the Chicago Golden Gloves in 1989 and went on to win the title again in 1993, 1994, and 1995. He was also named USA Boxing’s Male Fighter of the Year in 1994 and ’95.

3. He Has An Unusual Look

To be honest, Dennis Farina Jr doesn’t look like a guy you’d see on TV in your regular shows. He’s got a face that’s very unique, which makes him perfect for roles as law enforcement and other men who are rough around the edges. He most recently appeared in the History Channel series The Men Who Built America , as well as A&E’s The First 48 in episode “Triple Homicide.” Featuring his talents alongside Nancy Travis, Farina Jr plays an ex-Chicago cop with ties to organized crime. He also stars alongside John Schneider and Gabrielle Anwar in the new movie Soul Food Junkies.

4. He Has Multiple Degrees

Farina Jr holds a law degree from DePaul University and went on to complete his Masters in Clinical Psychology at the De Paul University College of Medicine. He’s also a certified boxing trainer, having worked with fighters such as James Toney, Aaron Pryor Jr and Sean O’Brien. Farina Jr has apparently worked hard and smart to get where he is today, which makes him an all around great example for young people who aspire to be in the entertainment industry. His hard work has definitely paid off.

5. He Was Born To Play on TV

Dennis Farina Jr was born to play on TV. His father, Gary Farina Sr., was a successful Italian-American actor who played roles in many mafia movies and other dramas during the 70s and early 80s. Dennis Farina Jr is about Gary’s age right now, so it makes sense that he would go into acting. The guy has tons of talent as well as a lot of acting experience. He’s also another one of those people who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He’s a very special man.

6. He’s a True Sport

Dennis Farina Jr is a true sport. He was recently named to the Showtime All-Decade Boxing Team of the 2000s and “Free to Fight” is his newest movie, in which he plays the role of boxer Danny Adams. Dennis Farina Jr is definitely someone you can believe when he talks about being tough as nails and not afraid of anything, standing up for what he believes in and doing what he’s told. He’s also a true gentleman who adores his mom and dad but also gets along with them very well as well. As you can see, this guy has it all going on.

7. He’s a Good Actor

As you can see above, Dennis Farina Jr is one of the best actors out there. He plays tough characters and he doesn’t give up on his career easily, which is great to see. A lot of actors seem to get washed out at some point in their career, and they just give up – which is never anything that you want to see in an actor. But Farina Jr definitely has what it takes to be an amazing actor and entertain people for many years to come.


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