Why Has Sasha Lekach Been So Popular Till Now?

    Sasha Lekach
    Sasha Lekach

    Sasha Lekach is an 18-year-old girl who came out as bisexual on YouTube in December 2016. She had an online following of about 80,000 subscribers before coming out and has since skyrocketed to over 2 million subscribers. There are many reasons why Sasha Lekach has been this popular, but what makes her more likable than a lot of other vloggers is that she seems to have taken a very humble attitude and cares more about the people who watched her videos than herself.  

    Sasha Lekach is generally a very funny and lively person, but she has shown multiple times she cares more about others than herself. When her video “My Sexuality” went viral, she felt that it was her job as a vlogger to start a conversation about being bisexual. In the same video, she made it clear that her intent was not to portray being bisexual as trendy or cool or anything like that. She said that when she started All About Sasha , she had no idea who would watch it, but since the first few months, she had high hopes for the series because all of her viewers were queer and knew what it meant to be different. That’s why Sasha Lekach wanted young people to know that if they’re different from straight and cisgendered people in any way, they’re not alone because millions of people are just like them.

    Why Sasha Lekach Had Been So Popular Till Now ;

    1. She comes out as bisexual.

    Although bisexuality seems to be a more well-known orientation today than it was in the past, many people are still ignorant about understanding and accepting it properly. People who identify with this orientation often feel like they’re not accepted or that they’ll be judged by others if they come out to them. Due to the negative connotations of being in a same-sex relationship that still exist today, people who come out to others as bisexual tend to face more discrimination from strangers and friends alike than those who come out as gay or lesbian.

    Sasha Lekach was very brave when she came out to her hundreds of thousands of followers as bisexual. She did this not just for herself, but for others who also identify with that orientation. She wanted her viewers to understand that bisexual people aren’t “half gay.” They’re attracted to both men and women and should be accepted just like anyone else with other sexual orientations. It was unbelievably brave of Sasha Lekach to do so because she knew it might make her lose some subscribers or even hate, but it shows how she cares more about helping others than herself.

    2. She is funny, loves food and has great taste in music.

    Sasha Lekach is a very talented vlogger and she shows it in her videos. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor that she uses to make fun of herself and other people, but it’s also great at making people laugh. Her videos are extremely fun, silly, playful and fun to watch. She often does food reviews with her boyfriend and teaches them how to cook different dishes which are surprisingly delicious too. One thing that I really liked about Sasha Lekach was that she was really honest about the bad things about being a food blogger too, like all the vomiting! She would also mention in each episode how much she hated trying to eat exotic foods when they weren’t that good or they just didn’t taste right.

    3. She is a good role model.

    After talking about being bisexual, she then used the rest of her videos to talk about being different and how most people are hurt or intimidated when they think they are different or not accepted by society. One of the best ways to do this is by showing them that you’re just like them and there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel that way. It also shows that there’s no reason for them to be afraid of people who are bisexual because it’s normal and not shameful at all.

    4. She’s a very happy person.

    Sasha Lekach loves to make people smile and laugh and she really enjoys doing that. She has such an upbeat, positive and cheerful personality that she makes you feel good just watching her videos. She also brings out the best in the people around her so that they can be happy too.

    5. She is not over-sexualized by the media like other girls in the youtube video making business.

    Sasha Lekach does not over-sexualize herself like other famous YouTubers who are trying to show how “sexy” they are through their clothing, makeup and hair styles which still seems very popular with younger girls today in many fashion channels on YouTube.


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