The Best Things About Indian Reality Tv Shows

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Have you ever loved Indian reality television shows? If ನ ಮು nah, why haven’t you been watching this fantastic type of show lately? Indian reality shows have evolved from being popular to something that have attracted several audiences all over the world. The various types of drama in these shows is what makes them more fascinating to watch. The characters are more relatable and realistic than most TV characters out there today. Is donatekart genuine?

1. Popularity

The characters are more relatable and realistic, which makes the audiences all the more enthusiastic about them. The best part about Indian reality shows is that the audience gets to know people of different classes and a variety of professions. The common person tends to relate with these characters and thus, become happier as a result. Even small problems such as language barrier or food is not that much of a problem in most Indian reality shows. There are some popular Indian reality TV shows such as Bigg Boss, Dance India Dance, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Kaun Banega Crorepati, RakhtBharke Sangharsh etc.

2. It is more entertaining

With that said, the Indian reality TV show genre is completely entertaining. From the drama in these shows to some of the situations that occur during them, it is just more entertaining than most shows. Such cases include situations with romantic interests, family members and even friends are present in these shows. If a viewer is generally interested in watching romance or family dramas, hijacking romantic partners ಮೂರ್ತ್ತಾ or even siblings get quite interesting to watch.

3. Less reality and more entertainment

The entire drama of these shows is both entertaining and interesting. For example, there are several instances where it is not clear whether the show involves a relatable cast or rather a group of actors with equal role. Even if it isn’t true, Bollywood movies have a lot of non realistic characters and situations in them that make them more entertaining to watch. However, the small amount of reality in these shows are what makes them even slightly more real than Bollywood movies or television serials.

4. Romance

The romance in Indian reality TV shows tends to be more entertaining than that in Bollywood movies or other television series. This is because the scenarios are a bit more realistic. For example, if there is someone who has a crush on someone else in these shows, it is not because of a feeling of mere infatuation. Instead, it could be because they recognize each other as potential life partners and can anticipate spending the rest of their lives together as such. Another reason why this is entertainment rather than unrealistic drama is because such situations are not brought out of thin air like certain love triangles or instances where two people fight over one another to win their affection in the end. The romance and drama that takes place during Indian reality TV shows have reasons behind them and tend to be more relatable to audiences than those in Bollywood movies or even television series.

5. Acceptance

The acceptance of such shows is also quite different than most television series as well as Bollywood movies. For example, there are instances in Indian reality TV shows that involve a person suffering from a mental disorder such as obsessive compulsive disorder or even schizophrenia. In such cases, there is a particular person on the show who is accepted by everyone even though they have a different kind of disorder. This could be because of the fact that the cast members live together in the same area for a long time and get to know each other closely.

6. Characters

The characters in Indian reality TV shows tend to be more relatable than those in Bollywood movies or Television series. This is because the characters in movies or television series are either too good or too bad to be true. They are unrealistically good or overly evil. On the other hand, the characters in Indian reality TV shows could be anyone. They could be your next door neighbors and even your relatives. This is because such characters are real and relatable unlike many Bollywood movies where all the villains and heroes have unrealistic storylines as well as an unrealistic personality.

7. Less emphasis on acting

On top of that, there is less emphasis on acting in such shows. Although there are a few actors here and there, most of them aren’t professional actors but rather common people who are chosen to appear in these reality shows for their unique personality . The shows do not focus on the acting of the cast members but rather on their personality in order to entertain the audience. This is what makes these Indian reality TV shows entertaining and enjoyable to watch rather than Bollywood movies or Television series.

8. Realistic scenarios

Finally, Indian reality TV shows tend to take place in realistic scenarios rather than unrealistic ones as well as Bollywood movies and television series. For example, there are several instances where a person can relate with such characters such as a character who refuses to move from his or her place due to some kind of fear and also a person who is not very knowledgeable about certain topics but instead is somehow accepted by everyone due to his or her unique personality .


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