The year 2020 was a crazy one for almost all of us, especially for shipping agencies. Some of the top marine agencies in Pakistan are mentioned below.A detailed list here, however, you can find something suitable on a broader compilation on Shiply where you have vetted shipping companies, and by virtue of their in-built systems, guaranteeing instant quotes as companies bid for your work, the only way you can be assured of the cheapest rates in the business. If you are looking for one, feel free to contact one of them. You can check out their social media, websites, and Google profile to discover about them.

UMA Pakistan 

UMA Pakistan was founded in 1988 to provide valuable cargo, shipping, and marine-related services in Pakistan. United Marine Agencies in Pakistan is the leading shipping services provider in Pakistan. UMA Pakistan takes good care of people’s needs and their details. United Marine Agencies in Pakistan use to deliver the shipment of people on time. Getting late and careless is not the job of UMA Pakistan. UMA is known as a trustworthy marine agency in Pakistan. You can connect with UMA Pakistan on their social media and website. Visit their website to determine more about them. 

Ample Shipping and Logistic Services 

Ample Shipping and Logistic service are providing their services for the last 20 years. They are a well-known international shipping service provider. They serve their clients wisely and deliver their goods on time, and because of this, they are getting popular nowadays. Ample offers a wide range of logistic services that embrace export, import, distribution, and warehousing. They are also offering local trade and trucking management all over Pakistan. You can contact Ample Shipping and Logistic Services through their website or Social media. 

Crystal Global Shipping

Crystal Global Shipping was established in 2014 and became one of the largest shipping companies in Pakistan. With a little experience in shipping and warehousing, CGS enhanced in offering custom solutions at reasonable prices. Crystal Global Shipping uses to understand your business of manufacturing, selling, or buying. The team will take good care of your products. Crystal Global Shipping’s principal focus is to ship your goods safely from one country to another. CGS asks its customers to focus on their business and leave all logistic problems to Crystal Global Shipping. 

Shipner Shipping and Agencies 

Shipner is an upcoming best liner and shipping agency, founded in 2018 by the specialists that are expert in logistics. Team of Shipner believes in their values and quality of their services and this satisfies their clients. Shipner’s goal is to provide high-quality services at a low cost to their valuable customers. It is an organization that understands and fulfills the needs of the marine industry along with the businesses. With Shipner, you can connect in a profitable business that will last for a long time and value both stakeholders. 


WEC lines LTD is performing regular NVOCC services between the ports of South East Asia, Far East, Gulf, Upper Gulf ports, and Indian Sub-continent with the help of its containers. They have a flotilla of ISO marine containers. WEC lines also have a slots system from the significant feeder operators, mainline operators, and regional carriers to serve the trade lanes of the region. The company is offering the best services at reasonable prices. WEC line is a subordinate of Yaaseen Shipping Lines. You can reach out to WEC lines by visiting their website. 

Ravian International Agencies Pakistan

Ravian International Agencies has been serving the nation for the last 40 years. Their team of experts works hard for their customers and delivers their goods safely on time. Ravian never compromises on its work’s quality and loyalty. They are also known as the leading Indian Operator that emphasis on the export and import of Cargo. Ravian delivers products internationally in three ways:

  • Air
  • Land
  • Sea

Ravian International agencies guarantee high-quality services from small packages to large cargo materials; each custom formality is fulfilled by Ravian. 

ACUTE Shipping and Logistics 

ACUTE Shipping and Logistic is one of the best and rising logistic companies in Pakistan. Their Head office is located in Karachi. Their logistic partners spread all over the world. ACUTE believes in providing high-quality shipping, cargo, and logistic services in every part of the world. They are willing to build strong business relations with almost all of their business partners around the world. Due to ACUTE’s intelligence and safe and timely delivery services, they are also known as a trustworthy marine agency. To ship any material around the globe, you can contact ACUTE Shipping and Logistics. 

Dynamic Shipping Agencies

Dynamic Shipping Agencies was established in 1995. It is one of the best freight forwarding and logistics companies in Pakistan. The head office of Dynamic shipping is in Karachi. It is offering a full-serving logistic service that is tailored to their client’s needs. They believe in providing excellent services along with safe delivery on time. Dynamic Shipping’s team of experts trains to provide customized logistic solutions to their customers. With a complete market experience, Dynamic is ready to entertain you with their high-quality services. Contact Dynamic Shipping Agencies by their website. 

Are you looking for a marine agency in Pakistan? If yes, then you don’t have to think about it anymore, as United Marine Agencies in Pakistan is one of the best agencies that will deliver your small goods and large shipment packages safely all over the world. Customer need is the first priority of UMA Pakistan.


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