There was a time when mobile phones used to be big-sized with an antenna attached and were more like walkie-talkies. Since the technology started to get evolving, not only the outlook of phones got an update but the systems of those phones got upgraded too. From big bulgy buttons on the display to the sides and then on the bottom too with the yellow-grey screen, to half display and half buttons with the color screen, to now full touch screens without buttons. Time has evolved the whole idea of having a mobile phone. Earlier, people just used mobile phones to make calls, messages, setting alarms and memos. Those used to be the basic uses of having a phone. But now, there is almost nothing that you can not do from a mobile phone that you can, on a computer. It has emerged a lot. And since then mobile has changed peoples’ way of thinking, interacting, working and way of living lives. Oale Mobiles are an example of these masterpieces of technology.

Mobile phones have massively affected the educational systems, the technology-based virtual learning has replaced the conventional way of classrooms and boards. Younger children interact more with technology so they easily cope up with technology-based learning very easily. The use of mobile phones and tablets is more known to them in this era. Young-aged people are more dependent on technology as the usage of mobile phones is more common among them. They connect socially with phones and use them for sharing news, announcements, or even for business interactions. Because of such dependency on technology, it’s easier than ever for people to adopt technology, especially for educational purposes. 

Easy accessibility

Gadgets are now easily accessible for everyone, companies like Oale Mobiles have phones such as Oale xs2 pro price in Pakistan that are handily available now. People of mid-age are habitual of having everything on their phone with just one click. Technology-based learning is easier for them. They can get whatever they want in an interesting way. 

For kids, educational institutes are utilizing technology-based education by introducing children to tablets in classrooms and promoting teachers to make such interactive lectures that need technology to be used. They are asked to make lessons that have engaging and interactive activities for children, for example adding media clips that have to be played during the lectures or FAQs that require google searches. Providing them with homework and assignments that need digital assistance and social media help is getting more common. Teachers these days are highly encouraged to do that. 

For the younger children, there are mobile-friendly applications that could be operated on android or iOS both sets, these applications help them to save their assignments and track their activity. Oale Mobiles are also providing such android mobile phones that support applications from the play store. 

Encouragement of smart learning on both ends 

Through research, it is concluded that children produce better and eager results when they are promoted to use tablets and mobile during the study sessions. After all, who’s child won’t love to have over-time with a phone or a table? Children love to have extended screen time. 

In most schools, principals are promoting workshops and training for teaching staff so they get to know how gadgets could be used just because gadgets are more known to children than teachers. A teacher in a school could be of any age which is more likely to have a chance that they are not that much aware of gadgets usage. It also gives a constructive impact on teachers as well as students. 

Learning for younger ones

While elders are getting trained to use the technology, younger ones already know how to. They rely more on technology: not only for the university assignments and classwork but also because of the fact that their projects and presentations demand technology use. If they want to present any PowerPoint instead of bringing a whole setup of laptops they simply could connect their phones to present that. Do they want to learn some topic for study analysis? Here comes the internet for help. Do they want to record the lecture? Here comes the usage of mobile phones. If they want to take pictures of slides, the camera could do that for them. Even if they want to google the topic they couldn’t understand in class, mobile phones could do that. The usage of mobile phones comes very handily to them.

The need of time

Every era demands requirements according to the need of time. There was a time when neither the schooling systems nor the students were inclined to the technology as now but now they casually do. Especially during the pandemic, the time when everyone learned to cope up with the worst situation that could happen. All teachers and students are shifted to the online teaching system because they are left with no choice. They have to train themselves to use the gadgets and get used to technology-based learning methods, or else they could not survive. This concludes that the world is now relying on technology-based learning like never before. 


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