Top Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Dogs

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Dogs are a good companion to man and their good health is a source of huge sense of satisfaction to their owner. This is because when they fall sick, it will naturally affect the way they relate with you (their owner).

When it comes to your pet’s wellbeing, it’s essential to take full responsibility and ensure it remains in good health. Most dog owners are unsure how to achieve this and what they need to do. Pet parents can ensure their pet’s health in several ways. Aspects like choosing healthy food, purchasing reliable dog health insurance, exercising daily, and frequent visits to the vet are paramount and should be your top priority. Additionally, some pet parents are using CBD to treat and alleviate some common ailments dogs experience as they grow older.

CBD is a special kind of oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant. It is reported to be one of the many chemical compounds inherent in the cannabis plant.  CBD which is also referred to as Cannabidiol is fast gaining prominence in the world of health and natural medicine due to the numerous health benefits attached to it. 

When you start administering cannabinoid oil on your pet, you will find that their health will improve significantly, and most importantly, the frequent visits to a vet will reduce. 

Benefits of Using CBD Oil on Dogs

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Here are some health benefits attached to the consumption of CBD oil:

Alleviates Pain  

Dogs experience pain as a result of injuries, environmental hazards and sickness. This oil may be used as treatment to minimize the pains they feel as a result of these conditions.

Manage Arthritis and joint pain 

Just as aging comes with various health challenges such as arthritis and joint pains for humans, it is the same for dogs. If your dog is experiencing any of these conditions, you can use CBD oil to effectively manage it. However, it is recommended that you consult a vet if the condition is severe.

Treatment of Digestive Problems

Dogs are also prone to digestives issues such as constipation, or gut related problems and this product can be used as treatment.

Manage/Control seizures 

A lot of factors trigger seizures in your pet. Some of them include idiopathic epilepsy, ingestion of poisonous or toxic food or drinks. When this happens, you can start using CBD oil to manage the condition. If you need other tips on how to treat seizures in pets, you can check here:

Reduce stress and Boost relaxation

Dogs also suffer from fatigue and deep stress. This oil can be applied for oxygenation and relaxation and doing this goes a long way in reducing stress. Additionally, you will need to monitor the dog closely after administering CBD oil to see how they react. If there are strange reactions, you may need to take it to a vet.

Treatment of insomnia 

Sleep deprivation in dogs can make them unnecessarily irritable, aggressive and fatigued, and in most cases the owners will also be deprived of sleep.  A well-rested and fed dog is a happy dog. 

Treat anxiety and depression

Factors such as aging or losing a loved one – both humans and fellow animals can cause dogs to become anxious and slide into depression. This product can be used as an effective treatment method in such cases.

Manage Cancer 

CBD oil is a natural remedy to cancer especially at the early stage. It can be used to manage the growth of cancer cells in canine as it is believed to be more effective at the early stage of cancer detection. 

Stimulates Appetite 

Sometimes, dogs become malnourished due to lack of appetite or illness. This oil can be added to their diet to stimulate their appetite and give them the necessary nutrition and supplement needed for optimal health. If you need other tips on how to stimulate appetite in pets, you can check here.

Application of CBD Oil

Just like any other medication, the right application is a necessity to maximize the benefits and effectiveness of CBD oil.   Knowing the right application will also prevent cases of abuse by ignorant pet owners. The following are some methods of application that you can use: 

Oral Application 

This method involves the administering the oil in drops into the mouth of dogs. It can also be mixed with their food, treats and drinks. 

Ointment Application

This entails the external application of the oil as an ointment for cuts, and bruises. It can also be used for massage therapy usually for pain relief, relaxation, and improved oxygenation. 

These are some health benefits attached to the consumption of cannabidiol oil. It is recommended that you do not use your personal prescription to administer this medication. You can consult a vet to guide you or give prescriptions for you to follow. Also avoid cases of abuse even when you feel there are no significant adverse effects. 


Every pet owner understands the importance of having a healthy pet hence their resolve to take measures that will be of benefit to the health of their furry friend. There are a lot of steps you can take to ensure that your dog is in good shape both psychologically and health wise. When you get these things right, you are sure to spend quality time with your dog without having to visit a vet for some strange health conditions. Using CBD oil is a good way to maintain your dog’s health and you can try including it as part of their routine diet.


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