Tips That Will Make You Influential In EMAIL MARKETING

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One of the best things about email marketing is the power to reach and influence anyone with a keyboard. Email gives you the direct, hands-on possibility of communicating with your audience like never before. However, it can be challenging to consistently deliver a high-quality inbox clues secret santa collection, which means that it’s important that you know how to increase response rates, optimize design and readability, and create content specifically for your subscribers.

1. Avoid image-based emails

The use of images, whether they’re merely decorative or part of a larger design, can improve any email marketing campaign. However, because images are so important in email marketing, it’s important to use them correctly if you want to ensure that you’ll get the response rate you require. One of the best ways to boost your response is to avoid using too many images in an email. 

If an image is central to your email content, then don’t worry about including more than one image in an email.  However, if your content relies heavily on text and only uses pictures for additional information or as a support section for additional text links, then consider using fewer images.  Sometimes, including one strong, relevant image within an email can boost a message’s appeal, but usually including too many images will dilute the appeal of your information.

2. Make the CTA clear and visible

This tip is similar to the previous one in that it all revolves around the power of images in an email campaign. If you want to get more click-throughs, then make your call-to-action button at least as big as a postage stamp. If you have enough height in your email design that allows for it, then consider creating a large, clearly defined button area so that it’s even easier for subscribers to find and click on.

3. Create a strong first impression

The first few moments with an email campaign is the most critical for getting people to continue reading. If you want to ensure that people will spend more time with your campaign, then make sure that your subject line is interesting and attention-grabbing.  Also, make it clear what you’re asking your subscribers to do in the email. If there are lots of questions or demands placed on readers right off the bat, then they’ll probably be put off of the email and ignore it in the future.

4. Avoid auto-playing videos and sound effects

Some video content can be incredibly useful within an email, especially if you’re trying to offer educational content or other valuable information within a short space of time. However, if you don’t want a lot of people to immediately click on your email and inadvertently skip over the content, then consider avoiding the use of auto-play videos. The same goes for sound effects. If you’ve got a big image or important section of text that’s supposed to get the reader’s attention, then consider skipping sound effects. Even simple background music can interfere with your emails and make them less effective.

5. Deliver an impressive design

There are lots of different options that you can use in order to create an impressive design for an email campaign, but there are some basic things that everyone should include so that their campaigns will stand out from the crowd. The most important is the use of an attention-grabbing and informative subject line. Another thing that will help to set your email apart from others is using a unique and effective design. With a unique design, you can easily get lost in the crowd of emails that have the same look, so always make sure to use colours and graphics in your campaign that are memorable and distinctive.

6. Include benefits with every message

This tip has been included primarily because it’s something we see all too often – people sending out their email campaigns without any information or benefits. If you want to ensure that people will spend more time reading your emails, then make sure they have something worthwhile to gain from the time they spend on them. It could be a coupon, an offer for something valuable, or just some useful information.  If you’re not sure what you could offer that people would want to read, then consider offering a free mini-report or ebook about your topic.

7. Keep content fresh

Another important tip is to change up the content of your emails on a regular basis if you want them to keep their appeal and become truly influential in gaining new subscribers and keeping the ones that you already have. The best way to make sure that everything stays fresh is to have your email campaigns respond directly to the most recent events in your field. If you’re not sure how to do this, then take a look at what your competitors are doing, and see what they’re including in their email messages.

8. Include links to more information

Another good tip is to include links within your campaign that go directly to relevant articles on your site or other related sites.  This is especially important if you want more people to spend more time with your campaign by reading the articles on your website. If you have benefits or content that you really want people to read, then make sure that it’s easy for them to find by including a few relevant links at the end of each email in order to boost click-through rates and overall traffic.


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