The featured characters in the earth divine story

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mckenzie sobieski o0yoSHp5ebU unsplash

The earth, air, water, fire and wood are the main features that make up this ancient Chinese story. It’s very interesting to read because it introduces all the characters that carry on the story. 

Each character has a different personality and lives in a different part of China. 

All these characters take care of their job for China until there is trouble with one of them which leads to China’s downfall according to my Chinese teacher. 

Here is the answer for, who is the featured character in an earth diver story?

The earth takes care of each animal in his section such as giving them food and taking care when they’re sick, but when they grow too big he gets angry.

Here are some of the featured characters in the earth divine story-

1. The wind

Once he appears on the earth, he goes off to play with other animals on his own, but when he comes back, he wakes up the earth who is sleeping. He starts making noises which wakes up all of the animals in his section. 

The wind gets upset because of this and wants to leave the earth, but the earth refuses to let him go. 

When they are both ready to move, they use a magic staff for them to leave their respective countries and go back home again through a magic passage located in a river by using their staff.

2. The sun

The sun comes along to find a companion for his journey to work, but he doesn’t find anybody. He gets very angry and tells the earth that he does not have a companion and that they should go back home. The earth refuses to listen and the sun leaves him again.

3. The moon

Around the same time, the moon comes along to get a companion, but he also fails to find someone for him too. 

He gets very agitated and tells the wind that they should go back home too because they don’t have anyone with them at all anymore. The wind also refuses.

4. The rain

The rain comes along to get a companion on his way to work. He can’t find anyone, so he goes back home again, but on the way there he’s stopped by the earth who tells him that they are on their way to work too. 

Once the rain reaches home, he tells the animals about his journey with animals and how they wanted to leave him behind because they were afraid of getting themselves infected with his water, which could make them soggy and damp if it didn’t stop raining for a while. 

Once all of them are through with their jobs, each creature gets ready to go back home again through the river passage by using their staff.

5. The wood

The wood is traveling to work with animals in his section, but when he gets there he gets angry because the animals are cheering for the sun to come instead of him. 

He leaves his job half-finished. When he’s ready to go back home again, he tells the other creatures how he got left behind by all of them.

6. The fire

The fire goes for a journey with all the other characters, but when they get there it takes too long for him to start his job, so they leave him behind again. 

When the fire gets back home, he tells all of his friends about how he was left behind by all of them because they couldn’t wait any longer for him to start working.

As we can see in the text, each character has a different job which they must do in China. If one of them does not do their job, China will fail.

The story ends with a humongous earthquake and the earth sinks into the water which is later rises up again. 

After that, each animal returns to where they were before and goes back to their respective countries and starts living once more. 

The sun and moon stay for a while in the end and then leave too because there is no room in their country for them any longer. 

The wind goes back to his home country, where he meets with his childhood friend who is playing with small animals on top of a hill.

As the sun is about to set, they all start heading toward their respective country.

With the huge earthquake that happened, the lands that used to be China are now separated into many different countries. 


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