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souvik banerjee PQXlYuQeX4c unsplash
souvik banerjee PQXlYuQeX4c unsplash

If you’ve ever had the impulse to snoop through someone’s Snapchat messages, you’re not alone.

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps for online communication and augmented reality, with a reported 100 million daily users. 

And there’s a reason that it’s so popular: it allows people to choose who they want to share photos and videos with instead of relying on traditional forms of social media.

Here is the answer for, how to see other snapchatters who viewed your story?

Unfortunately, even with all those privacy settings in place, some snaps might sometimes be more accessible than they should be. 

It can happen because people post their Snapchat username in public or because they forget to change the setting from ‘Everyone’ back down to friends only when sharing their story during a live event.

Here are many best hacks discussed about Snapchat-

1. Hack For Unlocking Hidden Snapchat Trophies

For all you trophy hunters out there, this one’s for you. 

Once you tap the trophy icon at the bottom of your screen, you’ll be presented with a list of trophies. 

And if you click on one, it’ll cycle through three options: ‘view,’ ‘unlock,’ and ‘remove.’ 

The third option removes it from your trophy case, but if you want to unlock any others (and most trophies are locked by default), the easiest way to do that is by searching for it online. 

Type in the name of the trophy followed by ‘hack’ and there will be a web page with instructions on how to double-tap on any given filter to earn it. Once you’ve hacked a trophy, tap the ‘view’ button and it will show up on your trophy case.

2. Saving Snapchat Links To Your Phone Book

If you’re a fan of snapping entire conversations with your friends, the Messenger app on your Android or iOS device is basically an ideal Snapchat alternative. 

But when you want to message someone, all you have to do is add their phone number in between the add and add them as a contact in Messenger rather than reaching out to them through Snapchat. 

This feature is also available in Skype and Google Hangouts by default if you want to save the number for later use in any other apps that support text message delivery.

3. Hack To Reduce Your Snapchat Time Limit

If you’re someone who wants to save videos or snaps that you want to keep for later, just tap the ‘save’ button next to the clock at the top of your screen (shown below). 

Now you can view all your snaps and videos without any time limit. 

But remember, anyone with whom you sent a snap will also be able to view them after it’s been saved, even if they aren’t friends with you on Snapchat.

4. Hack To Save Live Videos For Later Viewing

Since you can only save one video at a time on Snapchat, there are possible ways to do it properly. You can either tap on the ‘Save’ button, or simply long-press on the video. It will then save it for later viewing, even if it’s a Live video. 

If you’re trying to view your saved videos within the app, click the camera icon in the top right corner of your screen to view them.

5. Hack To Save Snapchat Photo As .GIF File

To save a photo as a .GIF file, just long-press until you see two orange arrow icons appear at the bottom of your screen then release your finger and it will automatically save as a .GIF image file. 

You can also save any image from any other social media platform as a .GIF file by doing the same.

6. Hack To Save Snapchat Video As .MP4 File

If you want to save a video as an MP4 rather than as a .GIF, just put your finger on the video and hold it there for a few seconds before releasing it, it should then automatically save as an MP4 file. 

This is also a handy feature if you’re using a third-party application that supports .MP4 files.

7. Hack To Share Your Location

If you want to let someone else know exactly where you are, Snapchat offers several different tools to make it happen. 

To share your location in a snap, tap the ‘My Location’ icon (shown below). The app will then list all your options. You can choose to share your location with everyone or with specific friends or even just until the end of the day when you’re traveling back home. 

If you’re using iOS, you can also tap on ‘Show On Map’ to get a rough estimate of where you are on a map.


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