The Colorful History of Shermack Furniture.

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What is shermack furniture?

For those who may not know, shermack furniture was originally an American home furnishings company established in 1916 by A. E. Shermack at 111 East 17th Street in New York City, which made and sold desks and chairs. In the 1930s their furnishing products were considered “modernistic”, “creative”, and “white-colored”.

Model furniture produced by shermack contains several elements of modernism. The furniture’s light-colored wood and plastic were designed to let light flow into a room and become part of the décor. In these early models, the white color was often used for top surfaces and trim (as in Anamnesis, exhibited at the 2011 NAMM Show, by Masami Haga). Other elements relate to Japanese design, as well. For example, Shermack models have simple curves that have been compared to Japanese bentwood furniture (as in The Regent desk or The Jury chair n°3).

The color “shermack green” was initially introduced by Shermack in 1932. In 2004, Shermack furniture was reintroduced by Japanese designers Masami Haga and Takuya Kanazawa. The new shermack furniture is produced in Japan. Nowadays, the company shermack is a brand of japanese company nendo. Anamnesis is a chair designed by Masami Haga for Nendo’s Shermack line. Sculpted from wood and wrapped in white polypropylene mesh, the chair is a minimalist take on the classic butterfly-shaped reading chair.

What is the use?

Shermack furniture serves contemporary decorative purposes. They can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. When purchasing the furniture make sure that you take a look at the design details and do not settle for a generic one. Also, consider the color scheme and make sure it will blend with your current home decors. The furniture may be expensive but with the right care, it will last a lifetime.

Where can one buy shermack furniture?

Most furniture stores carry shermack-inspired designs. But if you want to purchase the real thing, then there are only two places in Canada where you can buy shermack furniture. These are the Shermack Showroom in Toronto and Shermack Furniture of Vancouver, where they sell vintage and new products. Both locations also offer design services for customers who want their own custom furniture pieces made.

What is the history of shermack furniture?

The company was founded by A. E. Shermack in 1916. The furniture was designed by Shermack himself and his cousin, William H. Shermack. The word shermack itself is a combination of the words Sherwood and Mackintosh, which were two famous British designers from the late 19th century. The company name is a play on words which leaves out the word “sherwood” to produce “Shermack”.

How can one buy shermack furniture?

For those who don’t have enough money to buy expensive chairs or buy custom made furniture, you can go for Shermack. The products are not only affordable but also seem original and unusual since they are modernistic with Japanese elements such as bent wood and mesh chairs. You can find these products in furniture stores or buy directly from their website.

Shermack Furniture was a contemporary American furniture company that produced office and home furnishings in the 1930s. Shermack furniture was designed by A. E. Shermack, who developed commercial seating mechanisms, including the “Shermacute” mechanism that supported the seat and back of a chair with interlocking triangular elements operated by a single lever (US patent #1,913,975 issued January 11, 1933).

Some more facts about it:

A. E. Shermack founded the company in 1916 in New York City as “Shermack Winder”. In 1926 he located the company at 111 East 17th Street in Manhattan. The company produced a wide range of seating and furnishings, including desks, chairs, ergonomic chairs and informal lounge furniture.

The company opened a factory in 1932 in Newark, New Jersey to make their Shermacute mechanisms. In 1933 the factory made about 5 million mechanisms a month for their furniture line. In 1934 the factory included eight buildings with assembly lines using punch presses and conveyors to operate machine drills, grinders and polishers. At that time Shermack furniture had five factories with 2200 employees who made office partitions as well as furniture. The Newark plant was closed by WWII (1940s).

What are the advantages?

If you are sick of getting rid of old furniture that doesn’t fit your house, then select shermack furniture. These products look modern, but they will fit in any room you want to place it. You don’t have to worry about it when you have visitors because you can use it in any interior style.

Where can one buy shermack furniture?

Shermack furniture is sold only through authorized dealers. This means that these pieces are rare and hard to find, and the designs are not for everyone. If you want something different from what’s currently available on the market, then Shermack is your best bet. These pieces will be a valuable addition to your home for years to come.

Are there any disadvantages?

Those who want to remodel their homes should think twice before buying new furniture because these pieces are expensive and usually don’t last. Even if you select the right design and buy modernistic, it won’t be long before your home will have less character. You should always check the durability of any piece you buy so you can only add these items as an extra-special touch to your home.


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