The Best Tips for RVing Across America


RVing has become a true lifestyle for many. What was once merely an option for retirees, has blossomed into an opportunity for virtually anyone to see all they can of America. Whether you are saving up for the big trip or simply bringing your computer with you and working along the way, you can truly enjoy your on the go experience while discovering the true and unmasked beauty of our great land. Here are the top tips for the best RV road trip of your life from those who have been there already. 

Yearly Passes to National Parks

Almost all national parks in the United States offer annual passes. These passes are relatively inexpensive and allow the whole family to enjoy each park. They offer the chance to enjoy park amenities without having to shell out money at each one. You will greatly appreciate the use of the U.S. Park Pass when you decide you want to stop and stretch your legs for a while and that might be more often than you think, so invest in the U.S. Park Pass and leave your resting worries behind. Many parks also offer substantial discounts or free camping to card holders, so this investment is certainly something you need to make on your RV journey. 

Do Not Trust Times with Mapping Software

RVing is different than just road tripping in a car or small SUV. In our world today, the use of physical maps has become obsolete and replaced with handheld mapping software right on our mobile devices. This is great and very convenient, but do not be dismayed into thinking the times of travel will be exactly the same. Actually, you will need to keep your speeds at around 55 mph to safely conduct yourself and your large vehicle on the roadways. This adds considerable time to your trip as mapping software times are based on posted speed limits. You will have to go slower, but it is much better to extend your time than be involved in an accident. 

Call Ahead for Campgrounds

You would think that with so many campsites available for RVs these days, the campgrounds would never run out of space, but you would be wrong. Campsites can fill up quickly and where you might think that summer is the only major travel season, you will soon come to learn that each destination can have its own high and low season. For instance, full time RV enthusiasts tend to head south in the winter and north in the summer, so finding a campsite at a Florida beach in the winter can be difficult, so always call the campground to ensure you have a spot to set up. 

Keep and Open Mind in Your Travels

One of the most surprising things people begin to discover while traveling the USA via recreational vehicle is the various cultures represented in individual states. It can be easier to contend with cultures in various countries, but sometimes, we have problems adjusting to differences in our own United States. People are different and it is important, while traveling, to be flexible and allow others to be themselves. You are the visitor and to truly embrace all the beauty this nation has to offer you will want to embrace the local culture and keep your judgments to yourself. You will learn more and enjoy your journey much more if you simply enjoy the local culture of the area you are visiting. 

Prepare for Maintenance on the Road

Maintenance in your everyday vehicle is necessary to keep it running for as long as possible and the same notion should be given to your recreational vehicle. Regular maintenance includes rotating the tires, changing oil, and keeping a check on your brakes. These things are especially important while traveling as neglecting them can lead to a complete break down in the middle of nowhere and endless repair costs. It is much better to prevent a possible issue with regularly scheduled RV maintenance. In addition to these maintenance necessities, check the tire pressure and tread of all your RV tires before each trip. 

Schedule Rest on Your Journey

Driving, seeing sites, meeting new people, and enjoying all that the road has to offer on your RV journey is a true joy, but one thing you will find is that exhaustion can happen quickly. This can be a particular concern for those working while on the trip, so it is important to schedule in plenty of rest. Instead of just staying at an RV site for the night and heading on to the next thing, take time there. Spend a few days and ensure one of those days is devoted to relaxing and enjoying time with your travel mates. You will need rest and scheduling it in is just the smart thing to do. 

Carefully Consider Pet Policies

When venturing out on your RV journey across the United States, you may want to bring along your furry friend. That is great and pets make excellent companions on road trips, but keep in mind, that not all RV sites will allow you to have your pet. Even though they stay in your vehicle, pet policies vary depending on the location. Just like hotels, some campgrounds that have pet policies may limit the weight or breed of the pet, so be mindful of these potential issues if you are venturing out with your pet. Call ahead and always ask about pet policies and please, do not try to sneak around policies. You will likely get caught and lose money. 

Thinking About Power

How you intend on RVing can greatly impact the usability of your recreational vehicle. For those looking to rough it and primitive camp, your battery power can quickly be drained lower than the manufacturer’s recommendations without a way to recharge. In this instance, you might want to invest in solar power for your RV. Where you will not always have to rely on solar, it will significantly help on those days when electric power is not available. 

RVing is fun and exciting. You will have the chance to see so much of the country, but careful considerations for travel and these tips will help the journey be even more enjoyable. Leave nothing to chance and plan out your RV trip carefully to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest.


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