Ten Tips for Winning on Mobile Games


When it comes to games, the mobile platform is one of the most popular. In fact, in 2016 mobile gaming accounted for 69% of all revenue from video games. So what does this mean? It means that people are playing a lot more on their phones and tablets than they were just a few years ago. However, there’s a huge difference between casual gamers and hardcore gamers. This leads to an even bigger question: Ten Tips for Winning on Mobile Games.

Build on what you do best.

This means that if you are an excellent console developer, don’t try to recreate the wheel on mobile. It is a different platform and best suited for certain types of games over others.

Make use of analytics as much as possible.

Mobile apps have been integrated with Google Analytics from day one. So it makes sense to take advantage of this fact! This means that having funnels set up can tell you what users do before they purchase something or download your app. And more importantly help you determine which items need improvement in order for them to convert into paying customers!

Explore new opportunities rather than going back to old ones.

App stores change all the time; some get closed down while others pop up out of nowhere. Therefore, it is important to be observant and continue searching for new opportunities that may exist in the mobile space rather than going back to what worked before on console or PC!

Take advantage of analytics when planning a release schedule.

It goes without saying that if you have been running an app for years with no issue then there is no need to plan your next launch just yet. However if you are wanting to push out a fresh version or submit a brand-new game idea, make sure it has been properly tested through analytics first.

Test everything thoroughly prior to releasing any updates.

No matter how small the update might seem, users will always download them immediately. This means they could potentially experience bugs or crashes. In the worst case scenario this could lead to a loss of customers. It means you will have wasted valuable time and money for nothing!

Test your app on different devices from day one.

Although it may be tempting to test out an updated version or brand new game idea on your personal device. Always try testing them out first on as many other devices as possible including smartphones and tablets. In order to see if they are compatible with certain operating systems (e.g., iOS) and most importantly that there is no issue with crashing or bugs!

Don’t limit yourself by only thinking about mobile users; think about tablet users too!

Tablets can also offer great revenue opportunities like their mobile counterparts and there are tools out there that can assist with this.

Create a mobile strategy from the beginning of your next project!

This means making sure you have all the right resources in place such as an app developer, marketer or someone to handle analytics before even starting on development. Always remember to keep track of how successful it is throughout every step of the process!

Keep your users engaged through updates.

The average user loses interest after about three days. It means it is important not only to get them hooked. But also provide continuous support like new levels/maps, quests and more for those who may be loyal customers willing to spend money.

Make use of other platforms too!

While mobile might be the main focus, don’t forget about other platforms like Facebook or HTML games. This can all generate revenue!

Use the correct strategy.

Playing games is most fun when you use your brain and try different strategies before winning. Sometimes it also helps if you change your device. Because even small changes can make a difference in how well you do at a certain level or stage of the game.

For example, if one type of phone keeps crashing during gameplay then play with another brand that has been working fine up until now!

Stay positive and learn from mistakes.

The more patient gamers are generally awarded more than those who get frustrated by every little mistake they make along the way. As long as everyone else stays calm no one will have any reason to blame anyone else.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

If you are stuck on a certain level or screen of your game there is no shame in asking someone who has beaten it before how they managed it. Even if the person tells you something that doesn’t work, try everything. Because sometimes just trying different things will get you into the flow and allow you to beat even an impossible level with ease!

You never know when people might have advice or tips that can really help out so don’t forget about them! Experiment, experiment, experiment until something works Try every combination of moves until one finally gets across what needs done. Sometimes new games come up with very complicated ways of doing simple tasks like opening doors. But if you are determined enough to learn the ins and outs of your game then you will beat it eventually!

Keep yourself happy, healthy, and strong.

Sometimes when people need a break they think that beating or losing at one particular level is more important than their health. But this could not be further from the truth! Make sure to eat well, and work out regularly if possible. get plenty of sleep every night, and drink lots of water. All of these things help keep our bodies in top shape so we can focus on getting better at playing games without worrying about anything else!

Be positive!

If you want to win at games then the best way is to think positively and don’t let anyone bring you down with their bad attitude. This means not only saying things like “I can do it!” but also keeping those thoughts in your head as well. Because they will help convince yourself that anything is possible if you put enough time and effort into achieving it.

Don’t play any game for too long!

Some people might be able to handle playing games all day long without stopping until they beat every level or boss on a certain map. However this does not mean everyone should follow suit especially if their eyes become red or dry from staring at screens constantly throughout the entire day! It would be much better if you tried to take breaks every day. So often or even out your play time by taking a few hours off each day.

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