Signs of depression and how to deal with them

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As soon as you start feeling down or troubled, take a moment, pause, and ask yourself these questions.

It may seem like a small thing, but taking a moment to think about what’s going on in your day can really help you fight depression.

You also need to ask yourself some more basic questions. Is there anything that’s been on your mind for a while? When did these feelings start?

Here at has some more signs of depression and how to deal with that.

If you find these thoughts going around in your head for a while, talk to someone about them. If they don’t want to listen or understand, then maybe the next person will. If not them, then someone else will come along. 

Depression is like a wave: you get a few good days and then it crashes and you sink into a trough and then you get out of that trough and it’s another wave of depression; there’s no end to this. 

Neither does it matter what kind of life you have; whether couple, couple, single, divorced – it’s all the same. Every depressing wave hits at some point in everybody’s life.

Here are some signs of depression and how to deal with them-

1. Bleak spirits.

This is an overall depressed feeling. In general you feel like there is no point to life, that everything you do is a waste of energy and time, that there’s nothing beautiful or worthwhile left.

2. Dark Thoughts.

These thoughts are a habit of negative thinking. You can’t think anything nice about anybody or anything good, so you think only bad things about everyone and everything around you which leads to a feeling of gloominess.

3. Little or No Energy.

Depression takes away your will power and passion to do things and makes it difficult for you to carry out daily chores as you don’t have the energy anymore to do so.

4. Sense of Apathy.

You don’t really feel like doing anything or you feel like doing things but your mind doesn’t want to move. You may not even volunteer to do things, and sometimes you even forget to carry out simple chores such as washing dishes, vacuuming or mowing the lawn.

5. Low Self-Esteem [Lack of Confidence]

Your self-esteem is just below zero and this affects your ability to interact and communicate with other people and work towards a goal because you feel bad about yourself. This leads to a feeling of worthlessness and saps energy from your life. ​​

6. Finding The World Meaningless.

You don’t feel like you’re part of the world anymore, that nothing matters, that there’s no point to life, that you are totally alienated from everything around you. You feel like there’s no meaning to anything.

7. Feeling Of Hopelessness And Helplessness.

If things are not going right you feel heavy and helpless due to which your body feels heavy and your mind feels foggy. 

Whatever you do, however hard you try will fail because it seems that there’s no hope left in life for anyone or anything anymore. 

You just have this feeling of hopelessness within yourself all the time which makes everything more difficult for yourself and everyone around you.

8. Marked lack of interest in things that others may find exciting or enjoyable.

You feel that life has lost its meaning for you and that things don’t matter anymore. The only thing you want to do is sleep all the time, but even if you sleep, you can’t sleep for very long because you are too tired.

9. Thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

These are thoughts of harming or killing yourself which is very dangerous if left unaddressed because these thoughts will lead to action other than just thinking them which can actually lead to bad consequences other than death like other harmful actions like self-cutting, self-poisoning or even suicide attempts or at worst something worse like perjury law violation etc.

10. Feelings of Worthlessness.

Losing your confidence and feeling worthless is a very serious issue and if you don’t deal with it quickly it will just cause more problems in the long run. 

You don’t feel that you can do anything or accomplish anything anymore because you have lost your self-confidence as a result of depression.

Sometimes you may even think that there’s no point to living yourself as everything seems pointless and futile which again is a very dangerous thought to have because this puts a huge impact on your life, if it becomes a permanent thought then this will affect every choice or action you take in life and the consequences of those actions will be much worse.


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