Never do these things at night

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If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, you know that the night is the perfect time for people to do things they might regret. 

Clean ERSJ has some more information about never doing these things at night.

But surprisingly, there’s more to it than just an atmosphere of fear and foreboding: there are some actual reasons why we should never do certain things at night. 

Here are 8 things you should never do at night:

1. Never walk alone at night.

This is the most obvious one on the list, but then again, it’s one that we often forget about or don’t realize. Going out at night is only safe if you’re with a group of people you trust and can defend yourself against any possible threats. 

Always make sure to trust your gut and get out of dangerous situations if they arise: your life and well-being is more important than whatever you might be putting yourself in danger for, like a late-night party or a date with an attractive stranger. Try not to go out late by yourself unless absolutely necessary.

2. Never hang out in dark, isolated places after nightfall.

It’s especially important to be aware of your environment at night, especially when you’re trying to avoid unwanted attention or dangers. 

You should never go out to the same place where you’ve previously encountered danger, even if it’s a quiet neighborhood corner (for instance). 

It may also not be the same place, like where you lived before moving into this new area; or it could be somewhere completely different, like your old high school or college dormitory. 

3. Never sleep with your windows open at night.

Doors are the perfect way to keep intruders out, but they’re not enough to completely prevent them from entering your home. 

They can also be easily broken or kicked in, which opens up all kinds of vulnerabilities for anyone with ill intentions. If you do open your windows overnight, make sure you close them tightly afterwards and don’t leave them open longer than necessary. 

4. Never try to ‘chill’ out by lying down in a dark alley.

Especially during the summer months, this is one of the most common ways that people fall prey to street crime victims everywhere around the country. 

After nightfall, people often lie down on the ground to cool off, without realizing how dangerous it is to do this. In fact, many sexual predators and thieves use alleyways for this very purpose. Make sure you’re never alone and not in a public location after nightfall.

5. Never leave your door unlocked at night

Even if you think that your home or car can’t be broken into and that there’s no danger of an intruder entering your house, do not ever leave the area’s doors open after you’ve left them closed. 

Last year more than two thousand people were killed by intruders who simply walked in through unlocked doors during the night. This is one of the most common night security mistakes we make every day, and it’s a very easy mistake to fix. 

6. Never let your guard down during thunderstorms at night.

Thunderstorms happen when the air heats up, and this causes storm clouds to form. This process can be felt during the day, but it’s much more intense at night. 

Because of this, you should never take your guard down after dark during a thunderstorm: lightning strikes can happen at any time and they’re often deadly. 

As a general rule: in any case of electrical discharge in your environment, avoid contact with the ground and stay away from anything that could possibly conduct electricity from outside to inside, like large objects made from metal or wire.

7. Never drive at night if you’re not able to see well.

Driving after dark can be dangerous, even without anything unexpected happening, since there won’t always be an abundance of streetlights or other forms of illumination along your route. 

If your vision is impaired in any way while driving after dark, though, you’re putting yourself and everyone around you in grave danger. 

Make sure that the glasses you’re wearing are clean and don’t have scratches on them, because this will hinder your vision at night. 

8. Never forget your charger at home when going out at night.

Your phone is one of the most important things you have, and it can come in handy in a number of situations that arise every day, from emergencies to social media to just staying in touch with your closest friends. 

Make sure you have a fully-charged battery before you leave the house at night, and buy a battery charger to use when you’re out at night too. 

Dead batteries mean no phones, and no phones could mean physical danger or total isolation from everyone around you. 


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