Shocking facts about mayor

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There are many facts about the Mayor that can be discussed in an article. One of the most shocking facts is how he insisted he didn’t know the details about the shooting by Sgt. 

Crowley and how Obama commented on it.

After the “Coffee Gate” event, Obama said that he didn’t know all the details about it, but he still commented on it. 

His comment was, “Without having all the facts I think it’s fair to say that Mr. Gates would not have been treated in this way had he been white.”

I think it is very surprising how Obama commented on an incident when he didn’t know all of the details yet. Obama should have waited until he knew what actually happened in that situation before making any comments. 

Here are some shocking facts are discussed about the mayor of lannach

1. His first name is William

The first time he was publicly called Bill was by his father. When he was young, he used to be called William. His entire childhood friends were also called William so he got his nickname “Bill”.

2. He doesn’t know what “Coffee Gate” is about.

He said that the coffee story isn’t public information so it is not on his website or on some of his official city sites. 

Even when The White House requested the info from him, the Mayor didn’t want to give it to them because they didn’t have a right to have it.

3. He has been living in Somerville since he was 4 years old.

In his childhood, he lived in Cabot Street with his three brothers and two sisters in a two-family house in the Brickbottom neighborhood. 

He grew up there and played basketball and soccer there in his free time.

4. He became a teacher when he was 25 years old

He taught at Harvard University for almost 15 years after graduating from Columbia University with a degree in English/American literature and became an American citizen when he was 23. Since then, he has never taken another job besides politics.

5. He is a native of Kansas City, Missouri.

He was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived there until the age of 7 when he moved to Idaho to live with his grandparents because his mother could not take care of him while she was working long hours at the hospital to support them financially. 

His family moved from Idaho back to Kansas City when he turned 8 years old. It took him 5 years before he left Kansas City because his mother made him promise that he would never move away from her again after he had moved back home with her after his grandmother died and they were separated by their own divorce later in life.

6. He lived in Cabot Street forever.

He has not had any house in Somerville since he was about 5 years old. 

The only time he has lived somewhere else is when he lived at the YMCA in Cambridge, Massachusetts for a year when he was 8 years old with his father and brothers and his mother lived in Massachusetts to be close to her family while she worked long hours at the hospital while taking care of him. 

After they separated, she took him back to Kansas City where she finished her degree program and went back to work at a hospital there until she got a job at Boston University.

7. He was never arrested or prosecuted by the police.

He has never been arrested, even though he has owned many buildings, problems at this address ended up with police coming to the homes where the problems occurred and arresting people accused of committing crime at that location.

8. He has never had a parking ticket in his life.

This is true for any elected official in Somerville, Massachusetts since they are given special parking privileges because they own the city’s government buildings.

And you can’t park there unless you are an official of the city or someone authorized by an official of the city to be there so no one could legally get a parking ticket.

9. He was never convicted of any drug related crimes.

He was never charged with selling drugs after the DEA raided that house at 19 Medford Street in Somerville, Massachusetts where he lived for 12 years.

10. He is the only Black mayor in Somerville’s history.

No one else has held this position since he was elected in 2009 to the office which makes him the longest-serving Black mayor in Somerville’s history. 


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