Try these tasty stew recipes!

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Have you ever been stuck in a dinner rut? 

Do you find dining out to be a routine and predictable event?

You may find yourself craving something new and seasonal, but with all the hype of modern food, you feel lost as to what to make. 

You need a recipe that is fresh, dynamic, and easily adaptable. This is your key. Using just five ingredients, this recipe for stew will have all your neighbors asking for the recipe!

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Unlike other traditional recipes that require hours of preparation or complicated ingredients that are hard to source or prepare at home without special equipment, this dish has been simple enough for even the most novice cook who would like a change from their usual fare. 

Fast and easy to assemble, this stew is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

Stewing is an art that can be mastered by those who take the time to prepare a dish that takes into consideration the flavor of the ingredients used. 

Don’t let your guest’s not know what they’re in for, but rather surprise them with a dish that will have them coming back for more.

Here some of the tasty stew recipe are discussed-

1. The classic beef stew. 

This stew is usually made with meat, potatoes, and vegetables. It’s the ultimate comfort food for many of us. The ingredients are simple but due to the long cooking process, it can seem intimidating to some people. 

Many of us have had bad or bland versions of this dish in restaurants or at friends’ homes. But don’t get discouraged! 

After making this recipe once you will soon see why it’s one of the most popular ways to cook a meal.

2. Chicken stew is a great choice for hearty eaters! 

You can keep it simple by adding just chicken and veggies, but some may find that boring. 

The addition of other ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes, and pasta make it much more filling. 

You can also season it to your taste by adding your favorite herbs or spices. 

This stew is perfect for those who are looking for a dish that’s easy to make but still has a lot of flavor. 

3. Shrimp stew brings the sea to you! 

With shrimp as the main ingredient you won’t have to worry about other ingredients being too overpowering.  

When using seafood in any recipe it’s important to be careful not to over salt the dish since fish is naturally higher in sodium content than other meats, so careful seasoning will ensure that your meal tastes great. 

This stew will be sure to fill you up while still being light enough to enjoy all year round.

4. Vegetarian stew is an option for everyone. 

Whether you are a full time vegetarian or just looking for a different way to eat your vegetables this stew is the perfect choice for you! 

This recipe doesn’t even require cooking! All of the ingredients can simply be combined in a pot and set out on the table for everyone to serve themselves. 

The only labor intensive part of the dish is chopping the veggies, but that’s something that can be done ahead of time leaving plenty of free time for other things. 

It’s also an excellent choice if you’re the one preparing it and need to be sure that you pack enough vegetables for everyone. 

5. Pot roast stew is a classic dish with a twist! 

Unlike other types of stews, this one doesn’t call for wild game or lots of vegetables. 

This dish is usually made with either beef or pork, but you can use any type of meat that you like. 

To change up the flavor often cooks use different spices or herbs to get the best results every time they make it. 

This rich stew is a great choice for a cold winter night.

6. Why not choose a seafood stew? 

Seafood stews have been enjoyed by people from all over the world for centuries. It’s tastiness can definitely rival other types of stews because it’s freshness is maintained as the fish cooks in the stew rather than being seared as you would prepare other dishes. 

To keep it healthy though, be sure to choose white fish that have been caught or raised responsibly to ensure that the fish hasn’t been polluted with heavy metals, chemicals, or other contaminants that can be harmful to your health. 

Seafood stew can be made with a variety of fish including flaky white fish, salmon, tuna, and even shrimp which will add a lot of protein to your meal.  

Be sure to add plenty of veggies and herbs to add flavor. 


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