Mind Numbing Facts About Demarcus Cousins 2k22


In a year’s time, Demarcus Cousins amassed 921 points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks in 30 minutes of game time. His individual stats have no precedent in NBA history. “Boogie” has done it all – he’s been an All-Star game starter and made All-NBA teams three times. He even took home the league’s most valuable player award! Despite this impressive list of accolades, the thing that makes Demarcus Cousins most intriguing is his eclectic personality. 

Sure he scores more points than anyone else alive but at the same time he loves memes and takes hilarious selfies with other players on court. Demarcus’ cousin 2k22 is also a very charitable person. He’s made appearances for the less fortunate, donated to multiple charities, and volunteered to donate bone marrow when his sister was diagnosed with cancer. Demarcus Cousins is one of the only players in NBA history to win both Rookie of the Year and League MVP in his first five years. His basketball career has been one big roller coaster ride so let’s look back on it.

Mind Numbing Facts About Demarcus Cousins 2k22 :

1. Demarcus Cousins is the youngest of all his siblings. 

He’s the third born son in his family and his older brothers were given the privilege of choosing his name. Cousins is actually not even his real first name but rather a nickname that was given to him as a fatherly middle finger to Benoit Cheeks. As a child, Boogie was always “boogying” around but he wasn’t very good at it. Early on, he developed an affinity for basketball and although he had natural talent, Benoit Cheeks did not think that Demarcus Cousins had what it takes to become an NBA player. 

2. 10th overall NBA Draft pick.

Boogie Cousins is considered the first overall pick of the 2010 NBA Draft but he was taken by the New Orleans Hornets with the 10th pick overall. Some of his fellow draft classmates include Al-Farouq Aminu, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Gordon, Austin Rivers and Anthony Davis. The Hornets were coming off a failed season in which they failed to make the playoffs. In order to gear up for a playoff run, they traded their first round pick in 2011 to Golden State and selected Jrue Holiday with the 12th overall selection.

3. First NBA game versus the Miami Heat

Demarcus Cousins started his professional career by suiting up for the Rookie Challenge during All-Star Weekend. The New Orleans Hornets were supposed to play a regular season game against the Miami Heat but he dislocated his elbow and had to sit it out. He went on and played in two more games before having to undergo surgery for a torn left medial collateral ligament and a dislocated left big toe. After this incident, Demarcus Cousins missed the rest of the 2009-2010 NBA season.

4. Basketball beginnings

Demarcus Cousins was the 3rd best prospect from Alabama behind Terrence Jones and JaMychal Green and was heavily recruited by the University of Alabama. He was originally planning on attending Kansas State but that all changed when he attended a football game for the Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Demarcus Cousins was so impressed with the atmosphere and the show of support from fans that he backed out of his commitment to Kansas State and decided to play for his home state school.

5. Top pick in National Championship game

In 2012, Demarcus Cousins led his team to an impressive 37-2 record during his senior year at Alabama. His team was the number one seed in the NCAA Tournament and played Kentucky in the championship game. The Wildcats were led by another NBA draft pick, Anthony Davis. Demarcus Cousins was being heavily scouted by both pro basketball teams and football teams. He had to decide whether or not he would declare for the NBA draft or try out for an NFL team. If he declared for the NBA draft then he’d pretty much be set for life but if he decided to play football it would be a stepping stone towards becoming an NFL quarterback. Although he dominated at Alabama, scouts were unsure about whether or not he could make it in the NBA because of his weight and attitude issues. 

6. College football career

Demarcus Cousins made two attempts at playing for Alabama’s football team. He wasn’t very good at it so he decided to play basketball instead. Although he was the top pick in the championship game, his team lost by a large margin and Boogie was largely criticized for having a bad game. Upon returning to school, Demarcus Cousins played poorly during the season and decided to leave after one year on campus. 


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