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The article will help you understand what memes are, how they work, how to catch them properly, and where to find quality memes. Memes are an image with a caption designed to make people laugh. But, if it is not done correctly, it can fall flat on its face. While studying memes around the internet, I have found that there are rules one must follow when crafting their own memes for others to see. These rules include:

1) It has to be relatable. Make sure your meme makes sense. It is something people could experience in their everyday lives or something very familiar so people can relate to your content.

2) The subject of the meme should be funny. The subject of the meme shouldn’t just be something plain, but it has to stand out and make people laugh.

3) Make sure you consider your environment when posting memes. You wouldn’t want to post a meme that could get you or other people in trouble. While most memes are pretty harmless, some cross the line, which is why this rule comes into play.

4) The caption must say something about what you’re trying to show with the image. The words go along with the picture, so they must work together to convey their meaning or message properly. If this isn’t done correctly, either the image won’t make sense, or viewers will misunderstand your post entirely if there isn’t a caption.

5) Avoid posting memes that fail to stay true to the original format of what a meme is supposed to be like. Certain types of memes such as Advice Animal, Bad Luck Brian, and Successful Black Man follow the same structure and rules that must be considered when making your own memes, or else they won’t fit into their respective categories. 

6) The image should look professional and clear. When you’re making memes for people to see and actually take seriously (which kids aren’t usually doing), it has to look very clean, simple, sleek, sharp, etc. so people will continue sharing them across social media sites which can boost its popularity rate exponentially with each share. Check Meme Scout for more tips.

7) Limit how much you post of the same type of meme. Don’t spam your viewers with too many memes of the same variety, or they may get bored and lose interest, which can be bad for business.

8) Keep an open mind about what you post on social media sites. There might come a time where you want to tell people off through memes (even though this is not recommended), but know that it will serve its purpose and accomplish your goal effectively. Just make sure that when you choose to voice your opinion in such a manner, no one gets hurt during the process.

9) The image can’t be too long or too short. An optimal meme must contain the right number of words within the caption and proper spacing between each section to look balanced. If it isn’t, then your memes will suffer neglect since nobody cares to read anymore nowadays.

10) Be creative with the type of meme you make. There are other types of memes other than what is listed above which should be considered when making your own content for social media sites. These include reaction images, relatable images, etc.

11) You should come up with a couple of memes that fit into different categories since people won’t always want to see the same type repeated over and over again. Variety is key here so your viewers won’t lose interest in what you post if they’ve already seen it before or if there isn’t anything else to switch it up with.

12) The image you decide to make should be unique and stand out from the rest to make it memorable.

These rules are simple, but they need to be followed for your memes to make sense and be worth looking at. There is a long list of reasons why someone would look at another person’s meme, but you should know that there are other people who don’t care about what you post on their social media site since they’re not a part of your friend group or relatives. You can want them to see what you’ve made and like it, but if any of the rules listed above aren’t properly applied, then they most likely won’t care, which will cause you to lose all motivation in making memes for no one’s sake but your own. This means that nobody gets to see what you’ve worked hard on, and nobody has the opportunity to like, comment, or share it. This is why many memes go unseen or at least fail to reach their maximum potential in popularity. So, if you’re someone who likes making people laugh and smile, then this article should be a good guide for you so your posts can spread across the internet with ease.


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