Important Life Lessons Totalbiscuit Sjw Taught Us


In case you don’t know, TotalBiscuit was a popular youtube channel that did gaming news and reviews as well as let’s plays. The posts were very clear, concise and helpful. But TotalBiscuit wasn’t only a good person to learn from, his life story was an amazing one too. He did so many important things for the world and has influenced so many people in such a positive way. Here are just some of the lessons he taught us. Totalbiscuit sjw is the real deal. I have done a poor job of selling the story of Totalbiscuit sjw to you, so let’s get started. By the time you finish reading this story, you’ll feel like a new person. A better person. Because in many ways, that is what Totalbiscuit sjw was. A better person – a role-model – someone to look up to and admire and aspire to be like, just as much as he was an incredible human being who created something that has made such a positive impact on the world at large. It is a story of a person who shaped the world into what it is today, for the better.

TotalBiscuit was born on May 24th, 1984 in Twickenham London, United Kingdom. His full name was John Peter Bain (the last name being his great-grandfather’s first name). He had an incredible life journey – one that started out with a very bad experience at birth and went through many successes and failures before ending on a high note. John had a troubled childhood. Things weren’t easy for him. He had problems like most people do, but his problems were much worse than other children because he was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

Important Life Lessons Totalbiscuit Sjw Taught Us :

1. You Can Change Your Life Circumstances

What “could have been” or “what if” is just that: something that could have happened, but never did. You cannot change what has already happened, so it makes no sense to dwell on it. I am not just saying this because Totalbiscuit sjw said it better than I ever could. I am saying it because he lived his life in a way that proved you can make the best of your situation and that there is no such thing as “you can’t”. Totalbiscuit sjw did the impossible and made his CF into an advantage. This was due to his attitude. He kept his head down and got on with the business of life, going through the motions of living with CF.

If you wanted to change your life, you had to do it in the same way: keeping your head down, dealing with things as they came along and working towards a goal. You just have to decide that it is worth it. And if you believe in yourself, then you will get there! The thing is, even though Totalbiscuit sjw did not have a good start to his life – he was going to make something of himself.

2. You Can Do What You Love

This is true for many people who have a passion for games and the gaming industry. They get into games and they stay with them until they die. And they live a very happy life doing what they love! Totalbiscuit sjw was one of these people. Did you know that he worked his way up, taking on various jobs to make money so he could do what he loved? He had to start working when he was only 17 years old because his parents couldn’t support him. So, you can see why it was so great when he made so much money from doing what he loved and became successful doing it!

3. You Should Support Other People

Totalbiscuit led a very interesting life, to say the least. He was a heavy metalhead and he had many trials and tribulations in his early years because of it. But he was also able to do so much more than others because of his amazing personality and his kindness. Totalbiscuit sjw managed to be a real person, someone who understood other people who were different from him: male or female, thin or fat, black or white – you name it. He was also someone who had this great passion for games and could appreciate what people did out there in the world of video game journalism.

4. You Can Change People’s Minds

Change is something that we all have to deal with. Sometimes change happens for the better, sometimes for the worse. I say “for the worse” and you might be thinking “that is silly because change is always good!” Well, that depends on how you look at it. I guess what I am trying to say with this is that Totalbiscuit sjw didn’t believe in making changes just because they were new or different. He believed in making changes when they were good ones. Changes that improved his life, his relationships and his connection with people around him. He wanted to keep what was good and leave behind the bad stuff.


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