How To Market A Book

Market A Book

Every aspiring author wants to have their books on shelves in outlets and stores everywhere. They want readers and audiences to read their pieces and stories to tell. 

There is something about watching someone pick up and read a book you successfully published and placed on shelves. 

Think of it as a form of accomplishment. Or perhaps The New York Times might hail your book as a bestseller. Now, that is something! But before you can experience the glam and feel-good vibes, you must market your book first. 

After all, it won’t hit the shelves without proper sourcing and marketing. You also have to consider the many factors of publishing and marketing a book. Think of the content as well as the details book designers will make. They need to ensure that the imagery signifies what is inside the book. But the following will focus on how you can market your book to the general public. Let’s take a look.

So What Do You Do?


The first step you can take is creating a brand. That does not mean you have to establish something as top-notched as Scholastic or Random House. Building a brand means establishing a name for your audience; that way, they will know who is responsible for the book you are marketing. 

Having a brand also allows you to control your identity as an author/publisher. You can limit the information people will know about you. You even have the option to utilize a pen name or persona to kick things off. 

Looking At The Audience

The next step is to understand your target audience. Not everyone wants to read about a centuries-old vampire looking for inner peace. The same goes for courthouse action – not all audiences want to read scenes in and out of the courtroom. More and more people want diversity and broad scope in terms of books. 

That is why you have to identify and know your target audience. Find out if they are interested in your book. Look for a different audience once the other way goes. 

It pays off a lot to know why you are writing your book. What does it stand for? What meaning does it have? Will your readers enjoy law-related action? Or perhaps you aim to please romance and fantasy lovers? Answering these questions allows you to narrow the target audience.

Building A Website

Then you can now build a website. We know, we know. Building a website can be complicated and perplexing. Not everyone has the skills and technical tools and applications to create a website from scratch. The process involves tons of computer coding and algorithms non-IT people will have to scratch their heads with overall.

You can leave the website to a professional worker. They will deal with all of the technical and other related matters. All you have to do is let them know what you want to see on the site. 

You can now enjoy a website that markets your book once the professional finishes it. But it does not stop there. You have to maintain the website from this day moving forward. That way, your target audience will know you are active and up-to-date with everything relevant to your book. This aspect includes updates on release, signing, etc. 

Reaching Out

Now that you have a website, it is time to take things up a notch. You can go ahead and contact your audience through messaging and email. Doing so keeps them in the loop with your book and other relevant content. You form a type of relationship with your audience through the website. That, in turn, lets them contact you back should they have inquiries, questions, etc. 

Handling Aesthetics

Your book’s outside is as crucial as its inside. Everyone knows a book nowadays is not all about the content. More and more people look at and judge books and novels by their cover, albeit the popular adage related to such an aspect. A decent book cover will entice your target audience. It will also attract other people outside your niche. 

That is why you have to hire professional book cover designers who have tons of experience. They can help out with the ideal book cover that will surely turn heads. 

Layouting your book is also a must. You might think placing details and information scattered is a good idea. But it is the other way around. You can’t place the title anywhere. The same goes for other information readers might deem relevant. 

Prepare The Money

All of these marketing aspects and techniques will come in handy. But you need a significant amount of money to do so. No service is free nowadays, regardless of how minuscule or massive it is overall. 

You need to set aside money to pay for the services for your book marketing. You have to pay the book cover designer, website specialist, and other individuals. 

That also means you need to cover all the grounds in terms of finance. Check which book cover designer can do the best work for a fair amount. The same goes for the website specialist. Not because they offer things cheap means you have to take the bait. You have to be wary of these scenarios. Doing so saves you and your wallet’s contents. 

You may even strike a deal with a worker before starting the project. That way, you can save some money on a potential agreement. 

Look For Alternatives

Some websites and platforms allow you to post your book for a fair amount. Take this step should you have issues with finance or when you cannot look for a professional who makes websites or book covers. Many alternatives are available for you to utilize. All it takes is to find the best one that fits your requirements.

Things Look Bright

That may sound like a decent book title. But we mean the future for your book. It only takes a couple of steps to market your piece. But you must not take any of them for granted even once. Follow them by heart, and do things with passion. Your book will soar off shelves in no time once you do. Good luck!


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